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Marcia Hohn from Quilter's Cache?

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    Marcia Hohn from Quilter's Cache?

    Hey have any of you ever met or know Marcia? Sarah wants to sponsor her website - but I'm not able to get in touch with her. Anyone out there know?

    Re: Marcia Hohn from Quilter's Cache?

    Sorry I can't help you on that one.


      Re: Marcia Hohn from Quilter's Cache?

      don't know her but she has an awesome website


        Re: Marcia Hohn from Quilter's Cache?

        Here is what her "contact me" page says but I am sure you must have tried it being the computer wizard so I may be just blowing smoke:

        "Lastly, if you have Truly Looked through all of these links, and haven't found your answer, and this is something you Cannot do yourself ...please do write! marcia "at-sign" (taking out the spaces and parentheses and substituting @ for the phrase "at-sign") . It sometimes will take me quite a while to answer, but I'll try!"

        [email protected] ?????

        Also from her site - It does say that she is "taking a break for a few weeks" not sure when that was. And FYI - I don't know her.

        Marcia Hohn / The Quilter's Cache
        199 Main Street
        Pittsfield, Maine 04967

        or............. to use Paypal click the button below. This will take you to PayPal's website.

        Click on the "Send Money" link, and follow the directions, entering any amount you would care to send, and the account [email protected]
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