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How much fabric is needed to complete jelly rolls?

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    How much fabric is needed to complete jelly rolls?

    So I am finally learning how to quilt. I finished a rag quilt and it turned out really good. SO HAPPY. I feel I need to graduate to Jelly Roll quilt now. I bought one from Joann Fabrics and I was very disappointed. I put it together and didn't like it at all. I bought two rolls because I was unsure how big it would end up being, but only used one roll. It was very small. It was smaller then even a baby blanket. I didnt like the colors either. However I did like the concept. I watched youtube and found this page. Loved the images of the jellyrolls. I know what fabric I am getting vs. just a roll off the shelf.

    So with all this said I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how much material I would need for different size throws/blankets? I am wanting to make a couch blanket, you know something to cuddle up on the couch with and relax. I am also wanting to make a child's blanket (size of a throw). Does anyone know how many jelly rolls I will need, how much material for border, and how much for backing? I would appreciate any comments or suggestions considering I just bought my sewing machine a month ago and learning from the manual and youtube! Thank goodness for the internet or I would be LOST!

    Re: How much fabric is needed to complete jelly rolls?

    These quantities and quilt sizes were in my user notes (on my profile); start looking at patterns such as fence rail. That way you can get a pretty good idea on how much fabric you will need! As far as a backing for your creations, don't be afraid to simplify and purchase a flat sheet that would be a twin/full size (I do this to cut on the cost/I consider it like a pre-cut as well)! And, it is helpful to lay out your blocks as you sew them to visualize the size. And, it would also be helpful to check Jean Sewing Machine (a wonderful quilter here on M*QC), she is the jellyroll queen; there should many helpful hints in her user notes as well! These helpful hints came from the blog on MSQC...check it out!

    I have this precut, what can it make?
    August 28, 2013

    All of the sizes given below do not include borders, simply what each precut can make. By adding borders you can make your quilt bigger. Also depending on the pattern used, the end size can change, but that’s when borders come in handy, in my experience.

    The standard charm pack has 42 pieces of 5 inch fabric.
    1 – Baby quilt

    2 – Crib size quilt

    3 – Lap quilt

    5 – Twin quilt

    8 – Queen quilt

    A standard layer cake has 42 pieces of 10 inch fabric.

    1 – Twin quilt

    2 – Queen quilt

    A jelly roll has 40 pieces of 2.5 inch strips of fabric.

    1 – Lap/Twin quilt

    2 – Queen quilt

    A quilt made from a fat quarter bundle all depends on the size of the bundle. One bundle can make anything from a full size quilt to a king size quilt. A fat quarter bundle is 18 x 22″ cut of fabric which equals a quarter yard.

    I’m also including the finished sizes of quilts or bedspreads. Each size should be taken with grain of salt:

    Baby = 36′” x 54″

    Crib = 45″ x 60″

    Twin = 63″ x 87″

    Double = 78″ x 87″

    Queen= 84″ x 92″

    King = 100″ x 92″
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      Re: How much fabric is needed to complete jelly rolls?

      If you look at my user notes ( click on my name, then my profile, you will find user notes), i just did a 5 part tutorial on how to figure out sizes for jelly roll quilts.

      I was making an extra long and extra wide quilt in this video series, but generally, a 40 strip jelly roll will end up being about 50-54" wide and 62-64" long. Jelly roll quilts are wierd, because they all end up being the same length no matter how many strips you use, but if you start with less strips, they end up being narrow and long.


        Re: How much fabric is needed to complete jelly rolls?

        Great thanks! I will be sure to check out the tutorials. I am excited to start on my next project!