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1/4 inch frustration

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    Re: 1/4 inch frustration

    Originally posted by coffeebreak View Post
    I have that same machine and you change the needle left to right in the stitch mode. If on the straight stitch (is that #1 I think) press the X button where it allows you to change the length of the stitch, and there is an arrow to the left of that and that will move the needle left or right. It can work for exact 1/4"... I think it was 6.1 setting. you say, I would always forget to change the needle location! It is set where it is when it turns on, which isn't 1/4"...and you have to manually always change it yourself. I forgot all the time! I even put 6.1 in big letters on masking tape and taped it to the machine...did I notice it? No! I'd do half a dozen seams and then think "oh crap.. I didn't change the needle!" and then have to rip it all out! The machine comes with a seam gauge bar...metal bar with a green screw thingy that screws it to the machine. I use that all the time. A bit cumbersome, but a 1/4 inch seam every time. Just put your needle down and measure with hem gauge to 1/4" and set the edge there and screw it down.
    I wonder if that's unique to this machine then. I still plan to see if I can reach someone somewhere to figure out how to reset the needle to actual center. I have been using that guide thing with the green screw but it was getting annoying. If I don't start a new piece ON the fabric then quite often the thread comes out and I get halfway down the block before the machine figures out there's no thread. Also I seem to have a problem with it sometimes pulling the corner of my fabric down under and mucking up everything. When that happens it starts engaging the cutter every 2 - 3 stitches and of course that requires pulling everything out, cleaning, rethreading yada yada yada. So that's why I 'invested' in the 1/4" foot. I'll just have to either remember to adjust it every time (for me its 3.8) or live with the fat 1/4".


      Re: 1/4 inch frustration

      Originally posted by easyquilts View Post
      What kind of machine do you have? I know the Brother SB2139 and the PC 420 have the needle start at left of center as a default. You have to push a button to move the needle to center.

      I read that one guy called Brother, and learned how to change the default setting to center.
      Sandy, it is a very easy fix. I have only had my pc420 for a few days and that was the first thing I fixed.

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