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Quilt Frame - DIY?

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    Quilt Frame - DIY?

    Hey everyone...

    Does anyone know where I can find some decent plans to for a DIY quilt frame? I have decided that "The Witch" needs to be hand quilted as I'm just not up to manhandling a king sized quilt on my wee Janome 3160. As much as I love her, the wee girl is just not up to that! LOL!

    I've tried to find a quilting frame second hand but they are either flat (which I know would kill my back) or $800 (will I KNOW will kill my husband and our bank account!).

    If anyone has any good links to plans I'm all ears. I've seen the kits you can buy with all the gears and such and if I have to do that then I will but I'd like to find an alternative if I can. I bought a PVC lap one but it's very frustrating to me.

    TIA! xox

    Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

    Wendy, sweetie!
    Here's two options....I have the Q-snap frame....

    q snap.jpg Q snap

    dritz.jpg Dritz

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      Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

      I've been thinking about these too. I want to start doing some hand quilting. I figured I would start with a small project and if it's something I really enjoy getting a small frame. I seen the Q snap and the Dritz but wasn't sure if they worked well. Thanks for this I have options that are affordable.
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        Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

        I have an oval floor frame that tilts and is made out of wood. It looks like a huge embroidery frame. It's up in the attic hardly used. It takes up next to no space in the box so it's easy to store. I would think the PVC ones would be great as long as the frame will tilt. This one looks good but I don't see how you attach the quilt to it. F A Edmunds Adjustable Lap or Table Needlework Frame | eBay
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          Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

          I have the Q-snap as well, both floor and lap frames. Love them. I had the oval round wooden frame and I hated it.
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            Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

            Wendy, we bought this kit: Hinterberg Design Quilting Products - Product Catalog - Frame Kits

            Hubby put it together (needs some woodworking skills but minimal) - DD is using it.
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              Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

              I've purchased the lap version of the PVC and I find it difficult to remove the "clamps" and have to do it too often as I'm just doing SITD right now, so it's frustrating.

              Which I guess leads me to my next question...Do I have to do SITD before putting a pattern on it?

              Sandy I did see the Hinterberg kit. My DH is a wood worker so he could put this together so that will likely end up where I head. Thanks for posting it!


                Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

                I have a PVC one but don't have space to use it, so when I hand quilt, I do it in my lap. No frame. Just spray baste and lots of the quilters safety pins. Works for me very well.
                Also, Wendy, I wouldn't stitch in the ditch and then quilt a design. If you felt the need to secure it, why not use big basting stitches in the blocks - I've done that before I trusted the safety pins and it worked okay. It was just a lot of extra work for me. I am fairly lazy.
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                  Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

                  well crumb...wish I'd asked that question earlier cause I already did a bunch of SITD. I suppose I could frog will look weird on the back side. Have to find some quilters pins now too....the LQS that I preferred went out of business. Sad really that they did not realize that their customer base works during the day so they needed better hours. Thanks Blondie!


                    Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

                    My husband built me a pvc pipe frame like the q snap. It cost around $35 I think to build. I didn't make it as big as the directions called for because I want to be able to reach all the way across it. Think I found the instructions on I ordered ez snap clamps on amazon to hold quilt in place. The other ones my husband found were too tight. These work great.


                      Re: Quilt Frame - DIY?

                      I hand quilt on a frame or in a hoop depending on the size of the project. I don't know if you hand quilt or are just getting started but lots of people don't use a frame or hoop. Just baste it well and start stitching. That way you'll know if you like it or not before you invest in a frame or hoop.