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Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

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    Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

    Hello my friends,

    I have a question that requires honesty. It's a tough one, as it's hard to be honest when pressed for an uncomfortable AND truthful answer.

    The Question:
    Given the choice, would you rather quilt alone in your place to quilt, or would you rather have your spouse, partner, significant other sitting in the room with you the whole time?

    Scenario ALONE:
    If you were by yourself, you would have the room as you like it... quiet/noisy, music/no music, TV/no TV, windows open/closed... it would be your time to be alone and enjoy your quilting time and space. You decide what is the most nourishing for you when you quilt. You would stick your head out occasionally when you got some coffee, or say hello during a bio break (potty time), but for the most part, the time spent with any aspect of your quilting - would be alone in your own space.

    Scenario SPOUSE:
    Just to be clear, this is your spouse or partner (S/P). You are in your designated quilting space, and your S/P is right there, sitting just a few feet away. They talk, or, they have their own craft (that you can see and hear as you are quilting) in the room with you. They never leave, and they -expect- you to want them there, and, be happy they are there right next to you. Your quilting space may be a separate room, or just a tiny part of the room, and, their stuff is sharing the same space as your quilting stuff.

    To answer:
    • First consider that you are in the space where you are when you quilt.
    • Second, put your spouse and their hobby right there with you every time you quilt.

    Last thing to consider: don't let the fact that you love them interfere and/or influence your answer.

    Now... can you give an honest answer to this question?

    <--- passes out boxes of Kleenex.

    Thank you for your honesty, and I can't wait to read the answers.

    Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

    Absolutely prefer to be alone! I love my husband, but I don't go out and talk to him when he's out in his shop carefully measuring twice and cutting once. I'd rather he not be with me when I'm doing the same thing. Now, once that time is over, we love to meet up on the deck over a glass of tea and talk about what we accomplished, but we don't feel the need to be creative together! Besides, everybody needs a little alone time!


      Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

      alone!! The desktop computer used to be in my sewing room and DH would come in sometimes and get on the computer. I am in a small bedroom and space was tight. A year ago I bought him a laptop for Christmas. I already had one. Now the desktop is gone, I have more room to spread out, and he can use his laptop anytime he wants without me telling him to move his chair.
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        Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

        That's easy. Mostly, I would prefer to be alone. I have a hard enough time keeping my thoughts in order without someone talking to me. Besides, IF if want the company, I can go to the family room.


          Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

          I am single so dont have a spouse or partner. I do like having family around but not in my craft room when I am working. One exception to,this is when I have my granddaughter, I have her do a project while I work but she needs to work quietly

          If I did have a spouse, i would prefer we each do our own thing, and than when we have time together we have more things to share and talk about
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            Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

            My husband and I consider ourselves "recreational companions." This applies to sports, politics and quilting. We shop for fabrics together, puzzle over what pattern to use and how to quilt each separate quilt. Our vacations are usually centered around quilt shows. I could not imagine this craft of mine without his input. We have fun together!

            When I quilt, however, I do not want anyone to talk to me or engage me in any way. Not my grands, my kids or my husband. I need to have that time to concentrate on what I'm doing. But then, my sewing room is 5' by 10' and no one can really join me in there! I like when he's at the table doing his own thing quietly while I'm cutting. We can certainly talk while I'm ironing, but cutting, piecing or quilting, I need my peace and quiet.

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              Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

              Thank you for the kleenex.....definitely ALONE!!!!! He meanders in to talk, but knows better than to stay and if I'm cutting material, he does not even talk, just turns and leaves! Poor Monkeyman.....

              No rainbows!


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                Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

                This was tough for me!

                I do have my own quilting space, and I LOVE my woman's cave! I do spend my quilting time alone, I hate tv and I can't stand incessant background noise.

                If my husband brought his laptop into my sewing room, I wouldn't mind at all. I would like talking to him while I sewed.

                But he would go INSANE sitting in my room with no TV on a regular, long term basis, so for me it is not even realistic to think he would want to do it.

                It is more of a fantasy vs reality thing for me.


                  Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

                  Alone. He knows that if he is home and I need some alone time, I'm going to head upstairs to my little piece of heaven. If he is in the room I feel as if I need to pay attention to him. Since I have the luxury of having 4 days a week off work and quite a few of those days are during the week, I spend a lot of time sewing then. Weekends are for us to spend together.

                  Cyndi...that is great that you and your husband share the same love of if my hubby shared that with me than we would be talking a different story. He loves to see my quilts and tells everyone I am an "artist"...but he wants no part in the process. He doesn't really like to go to JoAnn's with me...but will if I ask him to.
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                    Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

                    By myself.


                      Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

                      My hubby and I have been together for 14 years and are inseparable. We have been together every single day except for when he was deployed and really love to spend every moment together. With that said, It bugs me when he is in my sewing room. Not because he is there but because he likes to talk. I can't concentrate on quilting (and me being a newbie, there NEEDS to be a lot of concentration). I always have one ear listening to him. I find I can't do both. Something will suffer. Actually now that I think about it, it bugs me when the dogs are in there too. I am always worried that they will swallow thread, needles, etc. So I don't get much sewing done (I need to learn to balance my time) but I really do prefer ME time, alone. Some women consider ME time as a bubble bath, going out with friends, etc. Mine is sewing, knitting, beading, etc. A girl's gotta have her unwinding time, if for nothing else at least for her sanity..

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                        Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

                        Definitely alone! I have my sewing room and he has his 3 bay garage and I don't bother him and I don't want to be bothered. It makes me soooooo mad when he comes in my room and sais,,,,,"What are you doing in here?" Really what does he think I'm doing?Laundry,Baking a cake,Dishes..... No it's called My sewing reason for a reason! After being married for 28 years I NEED MY SPACE!!!!


                          Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

                          Both. Now that sounds weird yes but hear me out. My sewing/laundry/computer room is off the kitchen. Everyone wanders in and gives opinions. In my set up my sewing machine is back to back with hubbys desk, so if I am sewing he can not be in here. But he does wander in to chat as do the kids and I am good with that. As much as I love my alone time I also hate being alone and out of touch. Often the washer is going and I am cooking when I sew. When I am looking at patterns and going through fabric hubby is usually on his computer and we often discuss what looks good/bad/ugly. Also have my kids opinions. I love that. I love to be able to chat while I am crafting. Maybe this all stems from Mom being my sewing partner and she is gone I was left alone and it took me a year or more to get back to sewing and I have gradually drawn the family into it also for opinions.. I would feel cage up if I were in a small room with the door closed and no contact. My hubby randomly will bring me tea or snacks when I am sewing.
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                            Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

                            My husband has his own hobby and we share a space. I converted a room in the basement. One side is all my quilting, the other is his desk and things. My husband works a lot, and when he is home we are very busy with the children. We both do our own hobbies to relax, but like to do it with eachother so we can spend some time together.


                              Re: Alone or w/Spouce-Begging for only HONEST answers please

                              Alone. I love to have the room to myself, with soft music in the background. I occasionally have the TV on for noise, but prefer the music. Right after we married ( this is my 2nd marriage. I remarried a couple of years ago. I was widowed in 2002, when I was 48 yrs old ) new DH suggested we "share" the craft room....and that didn't last long. I ended up suggesting that he use a large room in our finished basement for his hobbies. I was in the basement for quite a few years, but really prefer to use my youngest son's room on the main floor of the house which I turned into a craft room.
                              Right now, I am considering re-doing a room in the basement. This way, I could turn the room I now use for crafting into a quest bedroom. A couple of months ago, I started a thread here asking questions about craft /quilting rooms etc., and received a wealth of information which I would love to put to good use. So many of the members of this forum have some awesome craft rooms !
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