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Do you purchase online patterns?

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    Do you purchase online patterns?

    This is a bit of a mini-rant and I hope it won't bother anyone. I believe that the designer of a pattern SHOULD be rewarded for their efforts. After all, they took the time to design the pattern, take pictures and give step by step instructions. They don't want their work distributed free over the internet. It's a business and I understand that and am supportive of them.

    However, and that's a big HOWEVER, as it seems that many are jumping onto the band wagon on etsy, Ebay, Craftsy and other sites selling their patterns and are leaving the customers with less than stellar patterns.

    For example: I have purchased patterns with NO measurements. The actual measurements taken from drawn lines are so bizarre, I won't even go further to explain. I know, you say, cut it to the next measurement. In some cases, this is not an option. I know that the designer did this on purpose so someone would not post the measurements for free to the world. I understand that.

    Another pattern for a table topper was the cutest thing. If I had seen the directions before purchasing the pattern, I would have found out that 1/2 of the fabric would be wasted and thrown to scrap. Now who makes that kind of pattern?

    Now I'm working on another pattern I purchased and I KNOW this one must have been nuts. Pattern pieces are not labeled well, so you have no idea of what you're doing until you do it. And yes, I reviewed the instructions several times before starting! It's one of those patterns that you need to put together before you can see what goes where. Some of the steps are just bizarre, poor photos, and it urrks me that she skipped steps, skipped photos, or skipped some reasonable explanation!. I seriously wonder if some of these people selling patterns have ever actually read and followed their own instructions!

    I know I'm not stupid and I've been sewing for over 50 years. This is not rocket science. I've been able to figure them out, but not without a lot of lost time. That's why I bought a pattern, so someone else did the work. If you want to make money on your hobby, start reading and following your own instructions. Then, once you've perfected your pattern, ask me to buy it.

    I haven't bothered to respond in reviews to these patterns. I learned to say nothing if I couldn't say anything nice and I have nothing nice to say right now, except it's 50 somewhere and you know where I'm going!

    Rant over...........
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    Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

    You should put those negative reviews to save the next unsuspecting person. I buy patterns but normally only from places like Missouri Star, Craftsy, Fat Quarter Shop, etc. much more reliable. And I buy lots of books - I am so bad, I cannot resist.

    However with all the purchasing I do, I find a lot of duplication. Someone will change one block or the way they cut it or something menial and call it their design. What a joke. These days, I am findout out, is you can find many many patterns somewhere on the web for free
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      Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

      It would irritate me to no end if the measurements to pattern I purchased were incorrect. And buy all that fabric only to waste or. It use? Yeah, I'd leave a negative review for that. Basically a buyer beware for the next person.

      Have you tried asking for your money back? Cite poor measurements and poor directions.


        Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

        What frosts me is people selling patterns that are really public domain. How can you claim some of this stuff is yours to sell? I don't get it.


          Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

          I bought a pattern on Etsy and asked if I could sell it from it, really nice seller. I sort of realized I could of figured it out myself. But her pattern was perfect. She said yes

          The one that bugs me is a blogger that gives out full instructions and won't allow you to do anything for a simple baby quilt. There was a whole page of you can'ts. I'm talking simple like it's never been done before?

          I was on ebay and etsy for a very long time and sellers are selling patterns because they can make more without doing the work. Heck I can do a tute on a twirl skirt. Drives me nuts.
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            Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

            I never buy patterns..... Why? Because there are tons of free ones on the Internet, and in magazines... Besides, an except inched quilter could just look at a picture of many quilts, and know how to make it.... Without a pattern.... So....why buy them?

            Of course I realize that there may be something really special, that you might need to buy a pattern for, but that doesn't happen to me very often... I think I've bought only one pattern....

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              Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

              A friend and I were talking a short time ago about how the world of quilting has changed over the years and one of the biggest thing that she has noticed is how much people want to make money off of patterns and copyrighting of patterns that use to be free. She said years ago when she started (of course, no internet) quilters were very excited to share their own patterns and ideas with each other where now it seems many want to make money off of the simplilist of quilt designs or designs that are public domain.

              I personally have not purchased a quilt pattern off the internet. Jenny keeps me busy with her quilts. I did purchase the four magazines that she was in and have subscribed to the Block Magazine. I must say that having her show me how to do the quilt is so much easier than trying to read a pattern. I seem to be pattern challenged at times - even when I was sewing garments.

              I do have a quilt picked out at the Sew Seasonal shop that I plan on getting the pattern for because I like the design so much - I know that if I have trouble with it, I will be able to ask the ladies for help. As a side note, because Jenny does the tutorials for free, I am more than happy to give her my business of buying the material from the Missouri Star.


                Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

                I've only paid for two patterns online. One was for a purse that I thought was cute, only $3, the other was Leah Day's Quilt Along, which (once I get going) will help me learn FMQ. I don't like to buy patterns, because for the price of one pattern I can buy a magazine with 7 patterns in it or buy a book for the price of two patterns. There are also so many free patterns available online.


                  Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

                  I haven't bought a pattern in ages. Too many freebies on the internet, or if not free, it is almost always doable for me to write up my own pattern just by viewing the quilt. But if I bought a pattern that was incomplete or had missing information or directions, you better believe I would leave that info in my review. Those reviews aren't necessarily to slam the seller, they're to inform and educate future buyers.
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                    Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

                    I seldom buy online patterns. I have had good luck using designs from Fig Tree (Joanna Figueroa). Her designs are incredible and her patterns are so well done. You should leave a review.

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                      Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

                      I never buy patterns. I get ideas for blocks and then show my kids what I want. I sketch out a rough design and tell them the size it needs to be. Then they figure out the math. Everyone in my house is a math wizard but me. It is kind of funny to hear my big, brawny, teenage boys talking about charms and jellyrolls. They laugh but we keep our thermostat very low in the winter and they love my blankets.


                        Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

                        "If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing" is great time wise advice, unless you have invested money. Because, then you are a consumer and your honest opinion counts. NOW is the time to speak up, help those selling and buying the pattern by speaking the truth to the product. I'd tell them it's not right. They can change it or lose sells, that is the free market system we live in. It works.

                        I purchased a pattern recently and was disappointed that the online pattern was shown in bright colors to pull you in and what I got was a printed black and white copy of that. Not that I can't follow it, but I would like to see the project I wanted when I do it. KWIM?

                        I noticed too on a few patterns I've seen online... TOO MUCH WASTE to get to the finished product. They are not efficient in the creation. Some products could be renamed "Build your scraps" by the time you have toss all that is left from the project. Whoa...


                          Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

                          I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I have purchased downloadable patterns from Etsy and have been very happy with them. One of the vendors, Sweet Jane is one of my favourites. I found the directions very easy to follow, and as a beginner quilter, I find many patterns very confusing. I also had an email from one seller advising to email her if I had any problems. So - as I said, I have (so far) been very lucky. I haven't made all the patterns yet, but had read them over. This pattern which is so very, very easy made me feel like I was getting somewhere with my quilting hobby.

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                            Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

                            Originally posted by teasipper View Post
                            This pattern which is so very, very easy made me feel like I was getting somewhere with my quilting hobby.

                            Hey! I have that fabric - "flirt" right? I bought a charm pack and the brown and pink yardage at my LQS. Love it! Think I want to make a bag with it!

                            Anyway - I have to agree with kensington - when you purchase something and you're unhappy with it - you have every right to voice your opinion, even if it is negative. Especially if it is negative! Personally, I always read reviews on things and if they are well written and site specific examples (and not something like, "this is stupid! doesn't work out right!") I do take them into serious consideration.

                            I have so many of Jenny's free tutorials (plus a few marked in magazines!) that I want to try, I haven't ventured out into the paid pattern world, but as a new quilter/sewer - I would definitely consider the honest opinion of someone with as much sewing experience as you to be worth taking into account before I fork over my $$$!
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                              Re: Do you purchase online patterns?

                              I buy lots of patterns from lots of different sources. I bore easy and rarely if ever make the same thing twice. I love different and unique patterns. If I can figure it from a pic I will otherwise I will buy the pattern. can't say I have run into any problem with any I have purchased or downloaded.
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