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    Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

    I currently use a Janome 6260 that I've had for several years. I'm beginning to think about perhaps buying a newer machine with more options.

    There is a Pfaff dealer close to me that has a trained tech to service/repair the equipment in-house. (Big requirement for me.) This morning I spent almost three hours there "test driving" machines and asking questions.
    My favorite is the Pfaff Creative 3.0. The cash price quoted is $3,200. I have no idea where this price fits in pricing for this type of machine. Does anyone out there know? Also, if anyone has experience with this machine I would appreciate feedback - either pro or con.

    Yes, it is a lot of money but sewing, quilting, etc is something I can do. In other words; I'm too old and decrepit to do the fun things that I once did so I have to move on to more sedate hobbies.

    Re: Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

    Originally posted by Mary Ruth View Post
    I'm too old and decrepit to do the fun things that I once did so I have to move on to more sedate hobbies.
    LOLOLOL...... Too funny. I know that feeling and I haven't hit the big 5-0 yet.

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      Re: Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

      No clue on the pricing, but you have the same mindset I have about getting a nice machine to work on! You go, girl!


        Re: Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

        I don't own that machine but do have the Pfaff Creative Sensation and Passport 2.0 (for travelling). I really love them. I retired a couple of years ago and due to an injury (my dog's not me) am no longer training my dog so I started sewing again. I looked at both Pfaff and Bernina to replace my Viking Huskystar C10. The dealer and the warranty is what sold me on the Pfaff. The price seems in line with what I have seen at my local shop. The only issues I have had have been user error and the dealer has patiently walked me through corrections - including how to take the panel off to clean out the tension disks. The IDT is wonderful. I sewed two 3 yard pieces of fabric together and was only off 1/8" at the end. I was amazed. The specialty feet are also very reasonably priced.
        Just my opinion by I would buy these machines again in a heartbeat.


          Re: Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

          I have the Pfaff Passport 2.0 and I absolutely love the IDT feature. I'm looking at replacing my older Bernina and it will be a Pfaff.


            Re: Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

            I have an ancient Pfaff Creative (the 1471 which I think might be the first Creative) and I love it. Have had that machine for over 20 years and I bought it used.

            If the new generation of machines are half as good as that one has been you can't go wrong.
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              Re: Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

              I don't know anything about the prices of this machine but I watched the a video on it and it looks wonderful.

              Pfaff Creative 3.0 - YouTube
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                Re: Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

                I have the Pfaff 1471 also. It was their first computerized machine. I bought it new when they first came out, probably 1985, and it still runs like the day I bought it.

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                  Re: Info, Comments, Suggestions ??????????

                  Thank you everyone. I really appreciate you taking time to share info with me. I am honestly blown away with this machine and your opinions really have cemented my intentions. Now to recheck my budget. I'll let you know the outcome.