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    Looking for a serger

    hi, can anybody make a recommendation on a serger machine? It's my first, I don't want to spend a fortune on one, because I'm not sure how much I'll really use it. I would like it be be easy to use though. thanks in advance!

    Re: Looking for a serger

    The easiest to use, because they have air threaders are probably BabyLock sergers. Of course they aren't cheap. The biggest complaint that people have or the most used reason for not using their sergers is "I don't know how to thread it."
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      Re: Looking for a serger

      I thought long and hard before I bought my serger this fall. I finally decided that the price was going to dictate the machine I purchased. I knew I wouldn't use it much so a good, heavy duty machine wasn't needed. Basically, I wanted a machine for seams on shirts, some seams for quilting and well, a new toy. Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed: Arts, Crafts & Sewing

      This is the machine I finally decided to buy. Good/bad reviews but generally ok. It arrived in perfect serger health-ready to go. It sat there for a few days as I eyed it-trying to decide what to do. Where to start, what to start on, and why in heavens did I buy it? I watched the video, read the manual, and still didn't use it. Then one day, I just did it. Hey, it's easy as pie. Threading it-not too sure. I tie the old thread to the new thread and gently pull it through. Yes, I suppose I will have to thread it for real one day when a thread breaks, but until that time, I am content with my lack of threading knowledge.

      BUT, if you want a good machine, that threads itself and give you hours of serging pleasure, then the Babylock is the way to go.


        Re: Looking for a serger

        Vicky is right on about tying the threads so you don't have to rethread each time, except for the needle area. My dd just got that brother for Christmas and she loves it. And that was coming from using my Babylock when she was living here. For what you want to do I wouldn't look beyond four threads. Mine is eight and never went past the four. What can I say, dh said yes when we did a refinance. lol
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          Re: Looking for a serger

          I wanted a serger but wasn't sure how much I would use it. I searched my local Craigslist and found someone selling a Singer that wasn't very old and looked brand new. He was selling it because he thought he had to have one and then didn't use it very often. I was able to buy the serger and a large box of cone threads for $80. Threading definately can be a PITA but I just took it one spool at a time and figured it out. I am almost ashamed to admit his but. . . 2 years ago at Christmas, I used my serger to make pajama bottoms for everyone. On the last seam of the last pair, I broke one of the needles. Finished the pajama seam with my sewing machine. The broken needle is still in the serger. Seems I don't use mine very often either!!!!

          If you are on the fence about how much you will use a serger, I suggest buying a used one. Then, if you decide that it will be worth your while to invest in a new one, you can always sell your used one.

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            Re: Looking for a serger

            A used one is probably the cheapest option but I bought the brother 1034d. It was my first serger and my first time buying a brother. I don't use it too often because I am more into quilting but I did a quilt as you go with my serger after watching a you tube video. If you're not sure how much you will use it I think the brother is a good option. I think I paid about $220 but I have seen it under $200. For me the serger is worthwhile for certain projects. I have done placemats, the quilt, and clothing.
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              Re: Looking for a serger

              Baby lock is the best. I have had two others and hardly used them because of threading and tension adjustment problems. The Baby Lock works like a charm. IMO worth the extra money.


                Re: Looking for a serger

                I love my Baby Lock Ovatition. The air threading is super fast and easy. I have had other sergers that just sat around because they were so hard to thread. Hated threading or trying to thread them! Now I use my Ovatition all the time and threading is not an issue. :-)
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                  Re: Looking for a serger

                  My Babylock has been worth every penny. One of these days I'll actually go through the training manual for all of the other fantastic things I could make it do, and I'll probably love it more.

                  Check with a dealer for a floor model sale after a sewing expo or a large state fair display. You might get an even better deal.
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                    Re: Looking for a serger

                    I also have the Brother 1034D - I have had it for 2 or 3 years. I got it when I was doing some embroidered hooded bath towels for the kids - the zig zag on my machine just wasn't cutting it.

                    I don't use it often, but when I do, it does the job. I tie the threads together if I want to change colors, but have had to thread it a few times - it has colored lines and good pics in the manual. I also didn't want to invest a ton in a serger, knowing that I would not use it often.

                    Babylock air threaders are great, but the price tag is much higher. My combo sewing/embroidery machine is a Babylock and I love the brand.

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                      Re: Looking for a serger

                      I found one at a yard sale, 1994 4 thread White serger. It was great until the threads broke, I have threaded it several times and something's just not right with it. I was considering taking it in, $55 to start, who knows what all it might need. But now I'm thinking I should just purchase a new one, the Brother everyone is talking about. It might be a little more, but who's to say how much work the other one needs. He said they have the Babylock there with the air thread, it runs about $1100.00 Hmmmm, what to do? The Babylock is out of the question, I certainly don't know enough about them, or use them enough to warrant that kind of money.


                        Re: Looking for a serger

                        I have an 8 year old Pfaff heavy duty mechanical serger that has been a reliable amazing workhorse, but if I was ever to get a new one, it would be a Babylock with air threading and auto tension!

                        I don't use it anymore nearly like I used to, but I will never be without a serger.


                          Re: Looking for a serger

                          I have a Bernina 1300MDC. It is a 5 thread. Have never used more than 4 threads. It is a pain to thread, as they all are. Sews great though.
                          I would check out a used machine.
                          BabyLocks get great reviews - and are easier to thread!
                          Happy Quilting!