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New Quilting Quickly Mag (Fons & Porter)

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    New Quilting Quickly Mag (Fons & Porter)

    My neighbor bought the latest magazine because she thought it was my favorite. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and did enjoy looking through it. However, that said I was disappointed with this issue. Maybe I'm partial to Jenny - No Wait - I AM partial to Jenny. She's fun. She's real. She's giving. She's your friend!

    I didn't see anything in the new issue that Jenny hasn't already done. Unless it's the Sonoma pattern. I'm not sure about that. I went to the F&P web site to watch the video tutorial for this pattern. It was irritating to have two people talking during the video. It sounded - to me - as though they were competing. The video would not help a new quilter to do the complete quilt. For example: The only video instruction is for the drunkard's path block. (Why do they use two different templates for the block?) The video doesn't explain how the quilt fits together with the solid blocks. Is this the "buy the magazine hook?"

    My comments are ONLY my opinion. F&P is the professional - I'm just an old "would be" quilter.

    I'll close by saying that Jenny and M* are the best.

    Re: New Quilting Quickly Mag (Fons & Porter)

    I had seen that Jenny would not be in the new quilting quickly magazine, but would be starting her own new one called BLOCK.
    But, I browsed through it in the store and decided to buy it anyways because I wanted the Japanese Lantern pattern. I am a new enough quilter that I like to see many designs with the less experienced quilter in mind.
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