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How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

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    How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

    I have been enjoying this site so much since I joined.

    I'm impressed with all of the talent here and have learned so much and been inspired each time I pop in this forum.

    When my husband bought me a sewing machine 3 months ago I had NO IDEA that I would transform into a person that had this much excitement and passion about quilting ad so I'm curious to hear about all of you....

    How did you learn to quilt?

    What brings you back to your sewing machine and keeps you creating? What do you love most about sewing?

    I'm interested in getting to know you all and I'm always so interested in what makes a person choose a particular craft.

    For me I learned to quilt in 4-H a LONG time ago I also sewed clothing projects in 4-H. I don't remember particularly loving either one but I did it happily each summer when I was growing up. It was my Mom that taught me how to sew. When we were talking the other day about my new found quilting passion she just looked at me and confessed....."you know sweetie I never liked sewing AT ALL I can't believe you actually sit there for hours and do that!" My Mom had sewn for the first half of her adult life. She made her own clothes, clothes for us kids and taught and mentored me through 10 years of 4-H sewing projects and here I discovered she hated every minute of it! How crazy is that!

    What I love about quilting is seeing something beautiful emerge out of a whole bunch of little pieces. I love the idea of making something that someone is going to curl up under and cuddle under It makes me smile when I picture my friends and family using something that I made for them. I have made 6 quilts since I started 3 months ago and I have given them all away....but one of these days I'll make one for myself and I imagine how rewarding it will be to curl my legs up underneath it with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the warmth.

    Ok now your turn!
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    Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

    I've always loved to make things. Learned to crochet when I was in elementary school, and taught myself how to sew by making barbie clothes, believe it or not. It stuck and I ended up making my own wedding gown.
    When my firstborn was a toddler, I decided to make a quilt for her. My Grandma had been quilting already, and that's all it took to get the idea in my head. I bought a how to book and used that to learn what to do. It was a log cabin with purples, pinks, and greens. It's been over 15 years, and I'm still not that great at the quilting part. Piecing is the part I love.
    A big part of what keeps me creating is the fabrics. Seeing pretty ones get my mind into planning gear, whether I'll end up making it or not.


      Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

      I, too, have always loved to make things. I have been sewing, knitting, crocheting etc, since I was a small child. I had a little singer sewing machine with a hand crank and an electrical adapter when I was 8. I made my doll clothes. For 20 years or so, I had a made and sold hand smocked and appliqued children's clothes at craft fairs. I absolutely LOVED it...then through a move, and the market changed, and it was time to get out. I still knit baby hats and smock a few little things for our local consignment store, but not very much. I have quilted off and on for several years...I never really liked it. My mom hand. She has made some gorgeous quilts, I have a few of them. But something in me changed the first time that I watched one of Jenny's tutorials. I had to do this!! My son is getting married this year and I thought with babies coming in the near would be good to practice and make some baby quilts. Well....8 tablerunners, 6 baby quilts, 2 lap quilts later, I guess you can say I am hooked. And for the first time in years it is so enjoyable to go into my sewing room and make something I want to make...not something I have to make!
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        Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

        I became interested in quilts a long long time ago. About 6 years ago I went to a class with a friend to make a beginner quilt. I had such fun. Well, my friend moved away (did not finish her quilt even yet), I finished mine, but life moved on and I did nothing with my little bit of talent.

        Fast forward to the end of 2012 and I needed a new craft to keep me busy. My baby (25) moved to California at that time and I was very much missing her. So, I googled and googled, and found Missouri Star youtube and Craftsy classes. So, a new quilter was made.

        And now, I love it. I have become a fabricholic although I do not have near the stash of many on the forum. My budget is screaming at me, but I just cannot stop.

        So, that said - be careful and be warned. This site is totally addicting. Thanks for asking.
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          Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

          As Lot of you know I do alterations and had no desire to quilt as I do enough sewing but I received an e-mail from m* . The tut was on the Christmas runner with the star in the middle and I have been hooked ever since. I just love seeing Jenny's tuts and I have learned a lot. Thank you m*



            Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

            I was raised by my great grandparents and gramma. They had such beautiful things in our old Victorian home. Our neighbor Mrs. Johnson (we called her John-John) taught me to crochet when I was around 5 or 6. I always wanted to learn to sew but my gramma's didn't want me touching the sewing machine afraid I would get hurt lol. Expected response since I did some dumb things as a child lol. My foot got stuck in an escalator at a mall, my arm went through the ringer of washing machine trying to wash baby doll clothes, etc. So I never learned to use a sewing machine. A little over a year ago my mom made me a rag quilt! I almost fell over that - one she had a sewing machine and two she knew how to use it! So I asked her to show me how to make a flannel baby quilt for a friend that was having a baby. Once that was done I was hooked! Needless to say I am now a fabraholic, I have a sewing machine, a sewing/embroidery machine and a serger. I learn by watching Jenny's videos and reading books. My mom won't attempt to do anything but a rag quilt although she does many other crafts and also clothes. I've learned tons from all the wonderful people on this site and they also give me inspiration! The only regret is that I can't make my great gram a quilt She would so love it and appreciate it.
            Thank you,

            Ginny K


              Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

              I grew up with two grandmothers who quilted. One of them taught me how to sew and knit and the other how to crochet. Although I helped a little with cutting, sewing and tying. Neither of them taught me how to actually quilt. I ended up learning on my own. For many years, I have not quilted as there really has not been time while raising the children but now that they are a little older (no longer have any babies or toddlers or preschoolers - that time went by way too quickly), I now have more time. Most days they are either right beside me or in the same room when I am quilting. I am hoping to start them quilting soon.

              The part that I love about quilting is creating and using my hands to make something.


                Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

                This is a good question, Carrie. The stories are always interesting. Here are a couple of links from over a year ago with similar took me a little while to find them but thought everyone would enjoy reading them along with all the new answers today.

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                  Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

                  Great question!!

                  I started sewing when I was a child. My mom sewed some of our clothes, but I most vividly remember the amazing sewing skills of my aunt, a seamstress, who lived next door! I also remember hearing about quilting from my grandmother, who lived with me. Unfortunately, she was not quilting when she lived with me so I never actually saw anyone quilting. My mother did tell me, when I was growing up, that my great grandmother on my father's side was also a quilter and that we had a quilting frame made by my great grandfather in our attic! (I now have this frame stored in my garage.)

                  I moved away from home after high school graduation to attend college and got married two years later in the mid 1970's. I was sewing, knitting and crocheting and one day just decided to start quilting. My husband 'drew up' my first pattern (Pythagorean's square), I traced it on the cardboard from my empty laundry detergent box and hand pieced a lap quilt. I even managed to hand quilt it (without a frame) and bind it, although I pretty much made everything up as I went along. After that, I became a Quilter's Newsletter junkie and devoured all the information and patterns in every issue. I've also taken a few classes here and there through the years.

                  I just love everything about quilting -- choosing the pattern, cutting the pieces, piecing it together, marking the top, hand-quilting, binding, meeting other quilters and, my favorite -- giving the finished quilts away!! It never ceases to amaze me how the same pattern can look so different depending on the choice of fabrics.

                  And, there is one more piece that I love -- teaching others! I've taught all four of my children, some nieces and nephews, friends (young and old), Girl Scout and 4-H groups how to quilt. I'm still astounded that my son (who was a varsity football and baseball player) pieced and hand-quilted 5 quilts, starting in elementary school and finishing the last one while he was in college! He's now in training to be a helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard and looking forward to finishing flight school because his wife has been asking him to make her a new quilt and he doesn't have time. (Although I'm hoping I'll be able to get her hooked on quilting, too!)

                  Thanks again for asking! I've enjoyed reading the other stories that have been posted and can't wait to see what others add!


                    Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

                    I have crafted in one way or another for ever it seems. My Mom taught me to sew when I was 5 on her kenmore that only did forwards and backwards. She also taught me to knit, crochet , embroider and do counted cross stitch. I have done beading and macrame also. tried tatting but could never get past the loop. Sewing is what I liked best. I did doll clothes then my own clothes , then my mom's clothes. Made my own wedding Gown, and a 3 piece suit for hubby before he was my hubby. Got the pleasure of working a fabric shop for 20 years most being fabric manager, also taught beginner sewing there. They went out of business and all my co workers made me but the quilting supplies while they were at 75% to 90% off. Boy am I glad they did. After they closed I got another job in a craft store but we had to wear certain clothes and colors. So need to make my work wardrobe any more. I turned to quilting. I still make a lot of my own clothes and things for hubby and the kids, just not like before.I still do beading and embroidery, but quilting is my true love now.
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                      Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

                      Can't find what I want, usually don't care for current fashion or colors, so I do my own. That applies to clothes, too.


                        Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

                        I learned to sew in Jr. High Home Economics class (bet that brings back some memories for some of you). With that little bit of knowledge and confidence I made a few things when I needed them, but didn't really sew alot until I had children. I then decided I'd make their Halloween costumes, Typical mommy stuff. Sewing is a good skill to have when you need to fix something, or want to be a bit craftsy which is what I did for decades. Fast forward to my babies becoming two grown men and me getting really tired of doing nothing but watching TV (oh yeah, there was a divorce in there somewhere). My sister had mentioned quilting a few times over the years but I resisted as it didn't really appeal to me that much, but as I matured I remembered the quilts my grandmother had made and I guess I was being nostalgic. So like others I was surfing the web and ran across Ms. Jenny showing her tutorials. I watched everything she had out there. Did alot of reading and browsing other quilting sites until I decided.."I could do that!". I saw a picture of a denim quilt and thought, my son and his wife, who camp alot could really use that!!! So I set out going to garage sales and asking folks for old jeans. I think I dulled 3 pairs of scissors cutting up fabric! Each weekend I'd go to JoAnns and pick up another tool or two, a cutting mat, a rotary cutter, some rulers. I'd look at the fabric but didn't really know what to was all so overwhelming! Besides I had a mountain of denim to tackle !!! I used the quilt as you go method for that queen sized quilt, it seemed easy enough...LOL (Why didn't it occur to me to start on something smaller????) Well the quilt came out really well, and I learned oh so much!! Especially how important it is to cut accurately and keep those seams the same size. Did I tell you I am also an expert seam ripper now?? The kids absolutely love the quilt and it's on their bed. It wasn't long into that quilt that I realized my little $100 singer wasn't going to cut it. I really wanted to do some FMQ and that machine just wouldn't. Each trip to JoAnns I glanced longingly at the new machines, but was a bit intimidated, they looked so professional. One day, I gathered my courage and confessed to the saleslady what I was doing and that I was thinking of purchasing a new machine. At that moment I knew I was walking out of the store with a new machine and I did. From that moment I was hooked...financially if nothing else LOL But I love it. I've set up an extra bedroom as my sewing room complete with a new sewing cabinet, a counter height cutting table and cubicle shelves to store fabrics and other craft items. My sister got into decorating the room with me. I even put a cat bed on the window in there to keep my Maincoone from playing with the feed dogs!!! (He just wants to help, I know). The fabrics out there are more than beautiful and I would buy each collection if I could. I try to keep myself focused on the current project but I find myself being side tracked ALOT. I too am amazed everytime I finish a project. I'm on quilt #5 now and have been getting hints from other family members for more. It's a great way to spend time and be productive, and usually keeps me out of trouble!


                          Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

                          Although my Grandma had been a seamstress I had to wait until home economics class at high school to learn to sew. Grandma was too old to be interested in teaching by the time her youngest grandchild came along. My Mum could sew a bit but became very ill when I was 5 so lost the ability. I made a few clothes when my kids were small and the odd set of curtains. Apart from that I used my machine for mainly mending. About 12 years ago my MIL asked me to go to a class with her where we made a 9 patch quilt top, now go home and quilt it we were told. Excuse me quilt how?? Every year I would go to the local quilt show and admire and wish I was that clever. It never occurred to me to have lessons and learn how but I was working full time then. When my daughter was having her first baby just over 2 years ago I decided to make her a baby quilt, I bought the pattern and fabric at local fabric shop but had trouble following the pattern. The Internet is your friend, I searched and found Jenny and her tutorials! After completing 2 baby quilts, I did not feel those quilts were that good and I did no more quilting until I visited yet another quilt show last April. Inspired again there has been no stopping me. I love this website and get so much inspiration from some very talented people. I even entered a quilt in the IQ2, I would never have dreamed of that just 12 months ago.


                            Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

                            No one in my family sewed except for my dad's mom. She only made baby doll cloths and nothing else. One day I was looking at the so called quilt on my bed and started wondering how I could make it heavier. I started looking on youtube and that's when I found Jenny. I started buying things each week to get me started. I am now in the process of cutting my 5" squares from my D9P. All this cutting takes some time. I might have to start looking into charm packs lol.
                            The people here are so nice, friendly, and helpful.
                            ~ Tracy


                              Re: How Did You Learn to Quilt & Why Do You Love It?

                              Since adulthood, I have been sort of collecting hobbies. My mom taught me the basics of sewing about 8 years ago after I purchased a sewing machine on a whim. I made a few articles of clothing but mostly the machine sat on a shelf until last year. I just got a wild hair and decided I waned to make a quilt. So I did. I am probably in the minority as I found this forum before I saw any of Jenny's tutorials. I was searching for a quilting forum because I knew the importance of forums for sharing info about any hobby and this one is what I came across first.

                              As for why I keep quilting, that is probably because my wife does it with me.
                              When bought a motorcycle- she didn't have any interest in it.
                              When I bought her several different bicycles trying o get her to come ride with me- she didn't have any interest in it.
                              Bee keeping- no interest.
                              Blacksmithing- no interest.
                              Gardening- she helps sometimes but I don't think she cares for being out in the heat or getting dirty.
                              Quilting- finally something that she actually seemed to enjoy helping with. It ended up being a good way to spend time together. She still isn't much for learning anything about quilting beyond what I tell her to do (eg. she is not a member of the forums and she has never seen any of Jenny's tutorials) but while I think honestly she is luke-warm about quilting in the sense that she isn't passionate about it like I am, she does like the time we spend together by making quilts and she is proud of the things we produce.

                              Great question and interesting to hear other peoples responses.
                              Loosely based on a true story.