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Question about extension tables and stuff

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    Question about extension tables and stuff

    Couple questions to toss out....

    1. Extension tables for machines...Mine came with one..extends about 12 more inches out. So much better than just the little 4 inch arm that holds the bobbin case area.. I sewed on that for 25 years. My new machine I got the extension table and love it. But..I want a bigger one. 24x24. I see one on Amazon from where I got my machine but..any one have one? what is you thoughts? Is it to big to be useful? Just right? My machine is sitting on a 6' banquet table. Plenty of room on all sides to work, but I'd like more area space ON the machine to do the sewing. Your thoughts on extension table.

    2. I want to join a local quilting/sewing group if I can find one. Gotta get out of this house and among the living! But..I don't want to have to carry my big Singer. I can't even lift it safely much less carry it back and forth. Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas on a small portable sewing machine..straight stitch only? I don't get the point of carrying all the stuff needed to actually quilt if only there a few hours. So I was thinking I could do my scrap quilts.. either take and cut or have them already cut..strips and cut into squares and just do an assembly line couple of hours of sewing scraps together. Or even use foundation paper and make a few 12x12 squares of fabric. I woudl need something light weight to carry and lift in/out of the trunk of my car but something that is going to preform properly and do stitching properly to be used in a quilt. Any thoughts? I have a little wheeler tote thing that I can put things in, but again, I can't physically lift much weight.

    3. I have a tiny little iron (I think Clover, not sure) doesnt' get real hot, but perfect for tiny touch up and for my grand daughter to start to learn about pressing etc. But...the outlet is on the wrong side of the iron and the plug doesn't stay in. The cord is in the way, but I guess I can work around that, but I have tried taping with duct tape, the cord to stay in and it just wont'. Any thoughts/ideas on how to salvage this? Sure would be a nice thing to take to a quilt group thing... if I can get it to work!

    Thanks for your input and comments!

    Re: Question about extension tables and stuff

    I have the 24 x24 extension table also. Love the level working space, helps manage large projects much better. Mine came from Sew Steady, you can order packages which have rulers and guides, slide out trays, etc. Take a look at their site. I believe they are cheaper than Amazon too. Shipping was free at the time we purchased mine.


      Re: Question about extension tables and stuff

      I bought the Pfaff Passport 2.0 to take back and forth to class because my CS is just too heavy. My sewing room is on the second floor and I don't want to risk dropping it on the stairs, etc. even though I do have a roller case for it. The Passport only weighs 15 lbs and you can get an extension table for it that has a case that fits on the side of the machine hard case. It sews beautifully and I really like it. I believe that Janome also has a small lightweight machine. I didn't look at that one because I didn't want to have to buy extra feet for the second machine. Hope this helps.


        Re: Question about extension tables and stuff

        Just a couple of suggestions...
        I have a Singer Featherweight from around 1941. It's great to take to classes. Doesn't weigh too much, but it sews anything & doesn't bounce around or jiggle. Something to check on before you buy a travel machine, some are so light weight they bounce & walk when you sew..
        Also, it may be possible to take the iron to a fix it shop to have a new plug put on that will stay in the socket. Not quite clear on this one, so maybe my idea won't work for you.
        Good luck
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        Patt :icon_wave:


          Re: Question about extension tables and stuff

          I love my Janome Jems... My DD has my Jem Gold, but I have a Jem Platinum that wrights only twelve pounds. It has a gorgeous purple paisley soft carrying bag, and is perfect for classes, quilting club, and retreats. It has the needle down feature, which I love.

          I am, in fact, going on a three day quilting retreat in February, and the Jem Platinum is going with me. I really hate carting my Janome DC2007LE around.... Too heavy for me now....

          The little Jems may be small, but they are the same high quality machines that all Janomes are...

          There is are several quilting guilds around here....The Ohio Valley one is huge. But I opted for my small quilting club.. I like knowing everyone, and the informality.... I tried the huge guild....and one other guild....but decided to stay with my quilt club.

          Good luck to you....

          Sandy from Cincinnati

          AKA Kermit