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Why I am Scared of Bias

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    Why I am Scared of Bias

    See my string quilt below to understand why I am so concerned about bias in making quilt tops. Now, I have been making quilts a long time, but I still goof up. I made some string quilt blocks on MSQC's 10 inch foundation papers. I did not realize that the edges were on the bias. I should have sewn them together before removing the paper, but I didn't. As a result , I have more waves than the Pacific Ocean. I was pretty rough in taking the paper off. Live and learn.
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    Re: Why I am Scared of Bias

    Sympathy: I'm so sorry you've got waves! There is a reason we've been taught to be suspicious of bias edges.

    Encouragement: Your blocks are beautiful! You've used lovely fabrics and the four together look great.

    Advice: Gently take off your borders and measure them the same size as your blocks are supposed to be, ten inches. Then pin those suckers down with 100 pins to keep the bias edges from stetching before sewing them back onto the blocks. You can conquer those waves. I know you can.

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      Re: Why I am Scared of Bias

      It looks great, waves and all. When I see a scrappy string quilt I expect it to be slightly imperfect. If you want perfection pick some modern ultra-geometric design. String quilts aren't supposed to be "perfect". You should be very proud of what you've made there!
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        Re: Why I am Scared of Bias

        That happened to me too, but I was lucky enough to catch it before I took all the paper off all the blocks. Now I stay stitch bias edges before I sew them together.
        Still think this is a lovely string quilt! I love the scrappy string quilts, & your colors are very pretty..
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          Re: Why I am Scared of Bias

          A Hint for making the paper come off easier - make your stitches smaller. Also use a damp q-tip to run along the stitching line will ease the paper removal.
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            Re: Why I am Scared of Bias

            First of all, I like your quilt a lot and don't really see many waves. It looks great! Second, thanks for the heads up. I never really thought about all of those edges being on the bias! I bought the large paper squares when they were a DD and have the intention of trying a string quilt at some point. Now I will definitely sew them together before removing the paper.