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    New Sewing Room Design

    What a wonderful husband I have. We have a long (bowling alley like) living room, he has agreed to take one end and put up a wall and create me a new quilting room. It won't be large so I will have to be very efficient in my design. The room will be 11 1/2 by 8 1/2. One of the 8 1/2 walls will be my design wall. After you take two doorways out straight across from each other next to the design wall I will have 3 walls to fill with cupboards and sewing/cutting areas. If figure two walls 7 1/2 and one 8 1/2 in a U shape. I have a large folding ironing board that will be usable in the middle of the room and mobile.

    Please give me ideas of what to do to each wall. There are no windows in this area so I will need to incorporate good lighting as well.

    What would you do for flooring? I am thinking a really nice vinyl floor.

    Exited for this project to get started but don't want to start until I have a really good plan drawn up.

    Thanks for all ideas.


    Re: New Sewing Room Design

    Sounds wonderful. I think a vinyl or wood floor would be best. Anything that is easy cleanup. Lots of shelving. Iam still in the process of figuring out what works best in my small craft room so I will be watching this thread as well for some wonderful ideas and to see how yours comes out
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      Re: New Sewing Room Design

      I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see it completed
      Vinyl is nice because you can use it to sandwich your quilts and a really cool idea I had seen was taking different color vinyl and creating a vinyl floor that looks like a quilt pattern
      For me the issue I have is storage! I only have two walls in my sewing room (two windows on one wall and French doors on another) so I am limited. I have fabric everywhere right now and it drives me crazy.
      If you do a search on Google for 'Sewing Room Designs' there are so many ideas and pics out there that you can look at and see what would work best for you.
      I have two windows and still have four OttLights in my room. Two floor lamps and two desk lamps. I have poor eye sight so I need the light lol. I love the OttLights because they truly show the color of the fabrics.
      I can't wait to see what you do.
      Thank you,

      Ginny K


        Re: New Sewing Room Design

        Flooring: NO carpet. Laminate tile or wood flooring, IMHO. Sweeping is easier than vacuuming. And get a roly chair. Yay! Have fun.
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          Re: New Sewing Room Design

          Oh you lucky lady...with a great husband! I would go with wood or vinyl flooring . I have carpet in the little room I've made into my sewing room and have to vacuum constantly and heaven help it if I drop a needle or pin!


            Re: New Sewing Room Design

            Lucky you, chica!
            But I'm kind of visual, so I'll need pics.....
            SO exciting!
            I really need to get off the exclamation point.
            It may give people the idea that I'm bright and cheerful all the time....


              Re: New Sewing Room Design

              Hi Jana, try doing a search on the forum for sewing rooms or spaces.........there are a lot of listing with lots of ideas. I would also do an internet search of "sewing room organization on pinterest" of something similar. Be prepare to many great ideas out there. Good luck and take some pictures to share with us.
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                Re: New Sewing Room Design

                photo 2.JPG

                This picture is lop sided (I can't figure out how to fix it) but this is the corner of the room where I sew. I have a harvest kitchen table from WalMart $99 I sit behind it and sew, but I do have sewing machines all around it. Behind me is my ironing board (under the quilted wall hanging). I like to sew, then spin around to press! and I have a few shelf units and drawer stacks on the side. Very efficient space. I cut on another rolling pre-fab kitchen island. This room is a work in progress, have to get closet doors up and this room seems to be the "home for unwanted furniture" but I think it'll all come together soon. But like the others said no carpet at all, and yes, you want a rolling chair.
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                  Re: New Sewing Room Design

                  New sewing room, how exciting. I wanted shelves, but I also wanted something deeper than book shelves. My wonderful husband built mine and they are not permanent built-ins. I'm glad they are not built-ins because just as I thought my room was perfect, things change, so the room could change too. That worked for me...........


                    Re: New Sewing Room Design

                    You will love your own space.We turned my attached garage into a sewing room for me. I have laminate flooring lite in color. I have throw rugs on both sides of my cutting table and a bar stool on each side too. 2 rolly chairs, a ceiling fan,and several wicker trash cans sitting at every station. Lots of lighting is a must. I don't have enough I have an album of my room in my profile if you want to check it out.
                    Congrats to you!


                      Re: New Sewing Room Design

                      My DH took a shop light ( you can purchase them from Lowe's Home Depot etc. ) and put it on one wall....( He just put it in the middle of the wall...and believe me it lights up my sewing / craft room really, really well. Everyone I know loves to come to my house to sew or to craft.

                      Click on the forum photos here for ideas too.....I found some awesome ideas here on the forum.
                      For a new sewing table, I am going to purchase either unfinished (2) base ( small ones ) cupboards, paint them and then put a piece of counter top on top OR take 2 two-drawer filing cabinets and place a counter top on top of the file cabinets. My DS did this and she has a wonderful sewing space !
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                        Re: New Sewing Room Design

                        I have wood laminate flooring, works great! One wall is my design wall, and I have two six foot tables, one for cutting, one for sewing. Along the other wall are three five foot tall pantry cupboards full of fabric.
                        I was able to put cubbies and a two draw unit under the cutting table. I have pics in my album.

                        Have fun setting up your new space!


                          Re: New Sewing Room Design

                          What a wonderful husband!!! Plenty of outlets is a help. Depending upon what you are doing and working on. Or say you decide you want to rearrange, you're not stuck one way because of lack of outlets.
                          Make a list of everything that you want to be stored and how you would prefer it to be stored. Examples thread, in progress quilts, notions, sewing machine items, cutting templates, fabric, magazines, patterns, manuals, iron, fabric scraps, trash cans. Do you want a radio, tv or computer in the room if so, where would be the best location? Will it just be you sewing/quilting or will there be others either sewing/quilting with you (friends, children) or just coming in for a visit but would like a chair to sit down in?
                          Think about the areas where you want there to be plenty of light - sewing machine, cutting area. Currently, Joann has the Ottlites for 50% off. You could also have some "fake" windows if it would make you not feel like you were so closed off from everything.

                          Depending upon your style, you could have one wall nothing but nice cabinets floor to ceiling and have the ability to put things on these cabinets. I would want my machine to where there was plenty of space on the left hand side so I could easily manuver quilts without constantly hitting a wall or feeling like I was in a corner.

                          As far as space and cutting, I think a cabinet on wheels with a drop down table top would work great for cuttting. It does double duty, you have a nice area to store items and it save space.

                          Have fun with your new room


                            Re: New Sewing Room Design

                            What a great idea for a sewing room. I have the end of our downstairs long room. I have a wonderful ping pong table in the middle of the long room. We used laminate flooring. It is wonderful for rolling my office chair around. I have a large adjustable table from IKEA for my sewing machine. My deep shelving also came from IKEA. I love to look for ideas in that store. It is 4 hours away from us, but can visit it when we visit our daughter who lives near. You'll love your room. I have yet to get some good lighting as I have no windows, but will have to get on that.


                              Re: New Sewing Room Design

                              How 3xciting! I would also say vinyl or wood on the floor, no carpet. My room is in the basement and came with indoor outdoor carpet already there, and it is a pain - always needing to vaccum. I am spatially challenged, so I don't know if you have room, but if youvdo a cutting or ironingvtable with shelving under neath or on sidescwould be good ofr fabric or other 'stuff'. Be sure to show us you progress pictures.