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    Do You Have ?

    Well, it's 2014, and I am looking for some nice project to make for this next year, for B-day gifts for my gal friends, the men in my life ( DH, sons, etc ) grandkids( ages 17 to 3 ) or great nieces and nephews ( ages from 17 to 6 )
    Anniversary gifts
    Wedding gifts
    Graduation gifts
    Christmas 2014 gifts
    Or of course any other types of gifts you might think of.

    If you have come across something different and would care to share ......I would appreciate any ideas you have.
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    Re: Do You Have ?

    • Quilted bags seem like they are growing in popularity. Purse style or general "tote" types. These could be masculine or feminine depending on fabric/pattern.

    • For the younger kids, assuming you do regular sewing in addition to quilting sewing- costumes/dress up clothes. When I was young my mom made all of my brothers and I's Halloween costumes then after they were worn as costumes they went into our bins and bins of dress up clothes that we and all the other neighborhood kids played with. She made us sharks, vampires, teenage mutant ninja turtle "shells" made of stuffed felt. Even the little things like fabric "Zorro" masks were so much fun to play and pretend with.

    • My grandmother-in-law made my wife and I a quilt as a gift for our wedding. This was before I quilted myself. We still use it every single day in the winter time. I feel bad because it is slowly getting worn out but it is because it is loved and used so much. She had someone embroider our names and wedding date in one of the corners.

    • Another gift that pretty much anyone can use is generic throw pillows with 4 buttons sewn onto them, then you make reversible fabric squares with button holes in all four corners which can be buttoned on. The fabrics used are like snowmen, hearts, shamrocks, kites, flags, etc. so they match the seasons. Since each one is two sided you only need between 4-6 squares to cover all the months/seasons. I think I did a terrible job explaining this one but if you are interested I can try to get pictures of ours.

    • Fabric lined baskets. I just learned how to do custom fabric liners for baskets and it can take a very inexpensive (thrift shop, IKEA, Walmart) basket and turn it into something classy and personalized. Check Youtube for some great tutorials.

    • I've made a modified version of this Moda wine bag (Moda Bake Shop: Charming Wine Gift Bags) which is perfect for anyone who likes wine. If you/they are not drinkers you could probably find a nice bottle of balsamic vinegar or olive oil to put in the bag, you could put the bag in a fabric lined basket with some cheese/crackers for a custom/personalized gift.

    • Hanging kitchen towels. We did some of these for Christmas this year and they were well received. I'm at work so I don't have the link but Google can find you dozens of tutorials. These are simple kitchen towels with fabric tops and buttons/snaps/velcro at the top so they can be attached to the handle of the refrigerator or oven. A great excuse to use some of those fun patterns that don't quite fit into a quilt but could be cute as stand-alone fabrics. The one we kept in our own kitchen is black fabric with fried eggs all over it.
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      Re: Do You Have ?

      Ryan, you continue to amaze me with your wonderful ideas. I especially like the dress up clothes.
      My Pinterest Page of the Quilts I've Made:


        Re: Do You Have ?

        Pillowcases instead of wrapping paper at Christmas time.

        Pincushions for your quilty friends.


          Re: Do You Have ?

          Wall hangings can be fun and don't take as long as full quilts to make. Table runners, placemats, napkins, mug rugs, oven mitts, memory quilts, and even T-Shirt quilts for the teens with all those T-Shirts they just can't part with. Signature quilts are nice for weddings, but also for graduations for those going off to college so family members can send warm wishes and hugs along with them. Aprons sure do seem to be making a come back as well, my great gramma would be so happy
          Quilted ornaments or embroidered ornaments are nice because they can be used year after year. Stockings, travel bags, and of course totes which are also very popular.

          BTW Ryan I can't wait to see you with Sawyer! He is going to be so well rounded.
          Thank you,

          Ginny K


            Re: Do You Have ?

            My husband has developed a love for quilts. The ones that I have made him are the ones that use the panels (example Northwoods). I use two panels on the front then put charm squares or strips of fabric around them to make it a nice size quilt.

            I have two quick quilts that I go to for something quick - jelly roll or taking 4 charm packs or even faster one layer cake to make a large lap quilt. The nice part is there is a variety of matching fabric and you can easily get fabric to match for the back and binding.

            For a younger girl, making her a doll quilt. I used one mini charm pack then cut them with the mini-tumbler. I used the Surrounded by Love Mini Charm Pack.

            If you make a quilt for someone, especially for a wedding, please put your name, date and occasion. It was so special this winter when I was helping my Mom to be able to pull out a quilt made by my Grandma for my Dad and see her handwriting (she just passed away this past April) and date of the quilt.


              Re: Do You Have ?

              Great ideas everyone.

              I'm in the click bag mode right now. Making a big stack of them for little gifts. Last week a friend gave me a ride and I brought her a click bag with a few chocolates in it - she loved it. Here's the link:
              How to make a Mini Snap Bag - Quilting Tips & Techniques 138 - YouTube