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    Re: How to use fabric

    I would do a photograph block of each and frame them in their fabric.
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      Re: How to use fabric

      What a cool and thoughtful gift!

      I'd use the whites and creamy fabrics for sashing between larger blocks to highlight the prints they picked out (maybe the children's fabric as the cornerstones and binding?

      Love the ideas in here and good luck, what a fun quilt challenge!

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        Re: How to use fabric

        My first thought was a crazy quilt. Using each fabric as a starter piece for different blocks. Then I thought about the friendship braid, since that one has large strips of each fabric, and is a scrappy look. And my third suggestion would be an attic window and embroidery each persons name underneath the window of their fabric.
        What a great gift. Have fun making a terrific memory quilt.
        I just thought of another one. You could make a scrappy snowball quilt.

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          Re: How to use fabric

          a rag quilt?


            Re: How to use fabric

            I'm thinking falling charms. You could make the squares any size and fussy cut some of the fabrics.

            I love the idea - what a great gift for a quilter.
            I would love to receive something like this from my family.


              Re: How to use fabric

              I Spy Quilt. Using Jenny's Jar quilt pattern.

              The Adorable I Spy Jar Quilt | Always Great, Always Free Quilting Tutorials


                Re: How to use fabric

                Irish chain?
                Loosely based on a true story.


                  Re: How to use fabric

                  What a neat gift!! Enjoy making your memories
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                    Re: How to use fabric

                    What a cute idea!
                    Shirley :icon_bigsmile:


                      Re: How to use fabric

                      Thanks for all the great ideas. I read the post to the kids, then had to google patterns so they would know what we were talking about. Lol. We all liked the idea of the attic window with names on fabric they picked. They also like the falling charms idea. They said they wanted me to try to use the marine corp fabric as a border because that is the one my husband picked and using it would symbolize him holding the family together. (Awhhhh). I'm also looking at using a big block pattern. If I have fabric left I will diffently do the table runner. Thanks again.
                      ​Janet :)


                        Re: How to use fabric

                        The D4P would be awesome too, the one Jenny did in the last quilting quickly mag. There are so many ideas and I like the attic windows idea
                        Thank you,

                        Ginny K


                          Re: How to use fabric

                          Originally posted by Hulamoon View Post
                          Looks like an Ispy quilt. lol I think that is such a cute idea, but I will have to think on this one. It will be a good challenge!

                          How about a Dresden? You know how the petals are so different, but it always seems to work?
                          I have to say that I like the idea of the dresdens, because then you can take and buy background fabric, and maybe each block has a scrappy dresden, or each block has a dresden from one dresden and what not.

                          I like this idea that they did for you. Definitely different!
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