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got my purchase.

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    got my purchase.

    Hello from the Minni-apple, just thought i'd let you know i got my fabric today, wow, it is so cool.
    now i need to be calm and not start two project at once,

    see i made rules,,,,...

    Rule number one, not to buy any fabric until i want to make a new project.
    Rule number two, you can not cut fabric until past project is complete.
    Rule number three. the project you are working on is priority

    so now i have already broken rule number one. hard to follow rules, but i fighting the urge really bad. to start cutting before Vickie's quilt is done.

    progress is... Vickie"s quilt is pinned ready to be stitched in the ditch. then i can start dad's quilt "the friendship braid."

    but what if i was to do jenny's dresden plate table runner.... because that one looks good and maybe quick... think think think..... okay,,

    thinking of you all. all the best Gina from Mpls.
    all the best

    Re: got my purchase.

    Oh good! I am so glad you got your stuff!! Can't wait to see pictures of your finished projects!

    Oh, and rules were made to be broken......right!??!!? :mrgreen: