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    Lancaster AQS show

    I was looking at the schedule for upcoming AQS shows. Over the next few years. They show Lancaster for next year and nothing after that. Grand Rapids, Mi starts next year and goes for 3 years. Has anyone heard anything about why Lancaster isn't a regular on the schedule??

    Re: Lancaster AQS show

    No, I haven't heard anything but I'll ask around. I'm going next month and can check into it then . . . possibly. Maybe they're being closed mouthed about it but I hope not. Now that I moved to Lancaster County, I can actually go. LOL !
    Linda L Maurer, Peach Bottom, PA

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      Re: Lancaster AQS show

      'm guessing here but this may be the reason.
      This lady owned the Lancaster Quilt Show. She always held it at the Lancaster Host on Rte. 30. After 22 years she put it all up for sale. The new group (AQS) bought her out last year and held it for the first time at the Convention Center downtown. I, personally, don't like it being held there. To park, you either parked somewhere on the street or went to this huge parking lot off an exit (which I can't remember now what exit off of Rte. 30 it was) and we parked there (don't even remember if we had to pay to park there) - well, anyways, we caught a bus that took us directly to the Convention Center. Then we took the bus back at the end of the day. The Convention Center inside is beautiful. Once you are inside - it was great.
      So - maybe the AQS doesn't know if they will get the Convention Center for the following years or not or where else they can hold it. I don't know.

      Don't forget to check out the vendors at the Spring Quilt Blossom Festival at the Continental Inn which is right beside Dutch Wonderland. The Host is directly across the street from it. We actually go there first. We love the vendors there and they have free parking and free admission. They have 3 floors of vendors and I think this year are boasting 40 vendors.

      If you type in Spring Blossom Quilt Festival you can find out the hours and directions to get there.

      Hope this helps.

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