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    More Old Singer ??'s

    Ok, I still can't get the idea of a Singer old model machine out of my head!
    I have read some back posts and still have a question or 2.
    Are you actually quilting on them, or are they great for just the piecing aspect of quilting?
    If one does not have the pedal, is it easy to get a pedal?
    I see some with the wooden base and some without, which is better.....99's in particular and a
    few other models as well.
    I'm understanding a 99 is a much revered model, are there other particular models I should be watching for?
    The reason for the renewed interest?? DH ordered his own birthday present yesterday, and since mine is coming up as well, I thought I could do the same!! LOL LOL I would rather have one of these than a Kindle or Nook any day. I still can't bring myself to ask Mom for Grandma's machine, and I know if I ask questions about the model, she will want to give it to me.
    Really interested in all info I can get, and thanks so much!
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    Re: More Old Singer ??'s

    Here's an article I came across before I bought my Singer 15-91. It gives a little info on a couple of vintage Singers.

    I plan on free motion quilting with mine. So far I haven't used it that much. I still piece with my old Janome.

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