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Please Help Me.. I am an addict!!!

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    Re: Please Help Me.. I am an addict!!!

    I can't tell you how much I've already put into quilt fabrics . . . and that I just since January of this year when I began in earnest. I love quilting but I have several quilts going at the same time.

    I am so glad . . . . . I found MSQC . . . my wallet just isn't happy !

    I tried explaining layer cakes and all the rest to hubby but he just doesn't get it. . . . . he just wants food. The sweeter the better. LOL!
    Linda L Maurer, Peach Bottom, PA

    Only a Quilter has a welcome mat at the door to her home and an
    "Enter at Your Own Risk" sign on the door of her sewing room (by Tom and Madge Powis)


      Re: Please Help Me.. I am an addict!!!

      Believe me, I'm a work in progress only because I hate to get home from shopping and realize my bag of goodies doesn't hold the reason I went shopping. I could spend hours feeling fabric, dreaming of projects, and spending money in Fabric Shops, especially MSQC. I desperately need my notebook for self-control. Notice I said "appear" to have it together.
      Quilting is new for me, but color & design came in my package. I'm just learning to put it all together. Part of my organization is forced because I "carry" my projects to another location to sew with the girls, and don't want to take my whole sewing room! It is so easy to browse my notebook, pick a project, and take just what I need for the day. It is also a good feeling to see a finished project because I had all I needed for it!
      I'm released from frustration when all my tools are in one place and ready to "go".
      I was awed by Suzi's new sewing room, especially the peg board and organization, but it isn't practical for me to claim a "room" right now. So, my tools are in a plastic tote, my projects labeled in plastic bags and placed in a file-like plastic box. I grab only the bag for the project of the day. How much I carry also determines the labels of machine projects or hand-stitching projects.
      Caring for an elderly dad made me prepare & carry a little satchel with all I need for little projects of hand-stitching. I find contentment when my fingers can hold a needle in times of "just sit & wait", such as doctor's appointments!
      Maybe my addiction is catching every spare minute to stitch and my notebook keeps preparation to a minimum while I find myself in this stage of life. Whatever...I love quilting!
      Have a happy quilting day! Debi


        Re: Please Help Me.. I am an addict!!!

        Originally posted by debi weaver View Post
        I could be this way, too...but I've learned to be organized and appear of "sound mind" - knowing exactly what I am doing. It takes tough discipline on my part, but I love having a goal facing me each day and I love looking organized when I am out shopping!

        Your daughter will be more impressed if she is "un-domesticated" if she sees you practicing an appearance of organization!
        'No more "buying" until you have it together' - would be my rule (sorry, MSQC!)

        Organize what you have right now and what you're going to do with it. I think, plastic containers are a buying necessity for this job.
        Organize by color, size, or project. (one box per project allows a non-messy look).
        I put my dreams in a notebook with swatches of the fabrics.
        It is a skinny little thing that fits into my purse and goes everywhere with me. It often reminds me of all I have to accomplish and stops the purchasing! It also helps me know what I need to FINISH a project. I minimize a photo of the quilt I want, swatches, and list of needs to accomplish. This has helped me match what I have when I bump into a sale, too.
        Then, when you're organized... You quilt one project at a time.
        When you're finished, take a photo and add it to your little notebook. You will feel so good!
        Move on to the next project.

        As for scrapper? Wow. You have a lot on your plate! And juggling, too! Wow!
        I would get a wall calendar and color in my deadline dates. Then with that same color pencil, I would color in planned work hours prior to that deadline and a daily goal.
        When done, place a star on the day stating you met your daily goal - and move on.
        Make yourself meet each daily goal before you can move on to another project that day.

        As you organize, you'll be teaching your daughter your love for domestication. You will appear like you have it all together!
        Oh! Don't forget to color in a "shopping day" with your daughter, carrying an organized list of needs - and your little notebook of organized projects!
        Hope this helps your addiction.
        Your comment was so interesting to read. I think I'll have a notebook like yours to keep my different projects organized. Right now, I'm using up my fabric scraps . See my album.
        I still have one big knitting project to finish. I'll post some pictures in my album once it's done.
        I'm trying to control my addiction to fabrics, cotton, yarn and knobs. Maybe one day I'll succeed.
        greetings from G.D. of Luxembourg
        sigpicgreetings from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg



          Re: Please Help Me.. I am an addict!!!

          well we all had to start somewhere right?? I know as I give a sweeping glance around my sewing room I have way more than $250 invested....

          look at it this way..all the quilts that you can make with what you have purchased....if you were to commission someone to make those quilts for you it would cost so much more!!!

          I know I"m not any help at all...but we can commiserate together!!


            Re: Please Help Me.. I am an addict!!!

            Originally posted by j-me View Post
            I knew I could find support here!!!

            I am in love with the fact that my un-domesticated daughter has found interest in quilting. She is going to be an engineer and her first quilt top put me to shame. She did an extremely good job. First time on the machine too! (she's 18)

            I want to visit MSQC for her spring break!
            Tell you're daughter she made a good choice! I'm an engineering student and also a quilting addict; far too much of my student loan goes on fabric. I've managed to sell a couple of quilts which was supposed to be extra income but the money went straight back out on supplies!
            Quilting through the dull times


              Re: Please Help Me.. I am an addict!!!

              Heck, there are worse things that we could be addicted to. At least with quilting, we are making works of art, gifts for family and friends, and otherwise contributing to the economic welfare of the US. . . . see you can rationalize anything. LOL!

              At least keeping one family business going strong. I love the Deal of the Day .... but then when I consider the shipping, I always add to the order. LOL!
              Linda L Maurer, Peach Bottom, PA


              Only a Quilter has a welcome mat at the door to her home and an
              "Enter at Your Own Risk" sign on the door of her sewing room (by Tom and Madge Powis)