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Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

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    Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

    So as many of you are aware I finished a Minecraft quilt for Liam a while back. We have in our home a very tiny yorkie, non-shedding...and that's great! (he has other issues ). But we also have a border collie and two ragdoll cats...and I am in a CONSTANT battle with HAIR! uhg. I swear when this group of critters are gone NO MORE HOUSE PETS!! Maybe a hamster...but that's IT!

    So Liam loves his quilt...and drags it upstairs and down. Now we vacuum twice a day (and no I'm not exaggerating)...mostly in the high traffic areas where Archers hair gathers (the border collie). The stairs are the worst it seems. So Liam will often take his quilt to the basement then bring it up to sleep with at night. Then Mega-Poose likes to sleep with him of course on the quilt.

    The amount of hair that collects on cotton is INCREDIBLE! Honestly, you'd think the quilt was another house pet! I washed it and spent 15 minutes picking hairballs off of it! Gross!

    WHY is cotton so sticky!? I swear I could have used Velcro in the making of this quilt and it would not collect as much hair!

    Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

    Wendy I have no answers for you. But yuck! lol
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      Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

      A lint roller might help........even though it's just a temporary fix.
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        Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

        I have 3 pups and try to keep the hair to a min but its I am sure a Lil Bit of them go with all my projects
        It's just extra love.
        These things, I warmly wish for you-
        Someone to love, some work to do,
        A bit'o sun, a bit'o cheer.
        And a guardian angel always near.

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          Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

          More love in every quilt.


            Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

            A couple of years ago when we moved in I bought a comforter from Walmart for our bed (I couldn't sew at the time, so don't shoot me lol) and it said it was a microfiber material and that darn thing attracts hair like you would NOT believe! Definitely the WORST blanket I have ever owned for cat hair! We wash it and dry it and put it on the bed and I swear in half an hour it's covered in hair. It doesn't help that the cats sleep on the bed too lol I can't wait to make us a quilt so I can put that stupid thing away and never have to use it again!
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              Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

              I have three kitties so well understand the hair issue! Generally kitties sleep on the same spot on the bed so how about placing a nice fleecy towel or even some batting on the bed ... Maybe they'll sit on that and not on your comforter... I do find tho' that the less expensive comforters and other cottons really are fur magnets. Not sure why, but found it to be so! Wierd!


                Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

                I have 2 shepherds, a Pomeranian and 5 cats. We have both hardwood and carpet. There isn't a spot in our house that isn't touched by pet hair. We vacuumn often, daily, sometimes twice. We have made some adaptations to our everyday living such as eliminating the color black from our wardrobe and no velour anything! In fact, we consider a little bit of dog hair a condiment!

                Only 1 of our cats comes into my sewing room and we have made a deal: she doesn't lay on my fabrics and I give her a basket full of old fabrics that I will never use to sleep in. It sits right beside my sewing table. So far, this arrangement has worked out well for both of us. . .

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                  Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

                  You know what it really is? You used all solids, they show the hair way more than prints. My dogs each have their own quilts, little one for Spike and a good sized one for Ginger since she's about 70 pounds. You look at them and they don't really look dirty, just smell kind of "doggy." Into the wash they go. When I pull Ginger's quilt out of the dryer I swear there is a yorkie sized ball of hair that I pull out of the lint filter. I don't see that hair on her quilt, but it's there.
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                    Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

                    I gave away a beautiful quilt made with black because it was so covered with blonde cat hair all the time. I would lint roll it at least twice a day, and it still was a mess.


                      Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

                      We have a black lab(Benny) and a black cat(Spaz). They both leave hair but spaz loves my fabrics. I give Spaz his own fabric to lay on, sometimes on top of my fabric, and he is happy. I make sure to brush Benny regularly and this seems to help with his hair. I vacuum really thorough twice a week and use my swifter vac everyday. I also use a dry mop under the furniture. This seems to keep all the hair under control. It's all part of having fur babies and something we have all learned to work with. My daily cleaning routine takes me about 30 mins, about 1 1/2 hours on my thorough days.
                      The only thing worse than cotton is fleece and batting! Don't leave either of those out for the cat to lay on! Ask me how I know that.
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                        Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

                        Lol, I often say that even jake (the dog) has dog hairs on his dog hairs. The little bugger!
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                          Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

                          We used to have that hair problem till we switched dog foods. Now they get Canidae, which has no fillers in it.

                          When we had our daughters dog for a couple years, you could look at her and see her hair fly when we first got her! Once she started eating that with our dogs, the problem was solved. Best part is, where we buy it, every 12 bags you get one free. It's spendy, but I only buy it every couple months. It such high quality that they each only get a cup of it a day.

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                            Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

                            Wow...... and here I thought I was the only
                            I have 5 dogs.... 3 labs....1 cockerspaniel, and a "Toto" breed.
                            I am to the point..... they live here too. My sister visits and freaks out at a fur ball gliding across the floor. I used to be like that..... but found that I was sweeping and vacumming 3 sometimes 4 times aday. Then I came to realize that it was ......
                            1- useless
                            2- taking time away from crafting
                            3- if there were 5 of me...... there would probably be just as much of my hair there too.
                            So.... before anything leaves my posession...... it is washed and dryed..... in a tote or bag.
                            Everyone knows I have 5 dogs...... so a few stray hairs are not a surprise....... and of course there is never any

                            What we do for our loyal animals...


                              Re: Pet hair and cotton...OYE!

                              Dear wendy, i have no idea how to safe the wonderful quilt from hairs ... But wouldn' t a fish be a better idea than a hamster? I am just joking.