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Opinions/suggestions/thoughts on charity quilts

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    Opinions/suggestions/thoughts on charity quilts

    I recently had a private conversation with concerns/questions about our charity quilts

    Here are snippets from that conversation:

    1. We have a lot of members with sick husbands and we may be leaving some out by picking and choosing

    2. So many of our members are aging and ill and not complaining.

    3. Depression is very difficult to overcome and I know many of our members live alone and really have no one to care except us...are we neglecting them?

    4. How do we pick and choose?

    I would like to know what your thoughts are on the subject. I welcome ALL comments. If you wish, you can send me a private message if you wish to remain anonymous. Or do we just simply keep going as we have been.

    I will add some suggestions here:

    Is it possible to make some and keep on hand if a need arises? Is this feasible? Perhaps make a special request group? I don't know. I would appreciate your input.

    Thank you all in advance.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    All valid points but our digital social interactions mirror actual real life. Even when we do acts of kindness for someone, we know there are many others whose needs go unrecognized, and we know we can't help everyone who needs help. That shouldn't mean we stop it altogether.

    Are we really picking and choosing? It seems to me these efforts are pretty organic - someone says "let's do this" and the ball starts rolling. Or am I just too new to know how it works? (I haven't participated myself, for a variety of reasons.) It's like real life - someone sees a need and organizes a response. I'm not sure what anyone expects to be done about people who aren't expressing themselves or even those who quietly simply disappear from the forum.

    I understand what these people are saying, but I don't understand what they think you - or anyone else in the forum - should do about it.


      I just put it 'out there' to get opinions. This member only expressed what she felt and I wanted to know what others felt about it, that's all.

      Julie I thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


        When Blondie was still here, the Circle of Comfort quilt group was active. I know I made blocks the first time and mailed them to her and she put them together and quilted them. After a while I was making completed quilts and sending them to her and then she'd send them out. I even sent some out myself. I can't imagine doing all that mailing now with postage prices. Mailing blocks wouldn't be too bad and people could always throw in $5 to help defray postage once the quilt is finalized. Others would buy batting and have it delivered where needed if they didn't have time to sew.

        You can't cover everyone, no matter how hard you try. I'm going to use myself as an example. I was in the hospital/rehab for a month and still dealing with the aftermath of that. I didn't say much about that time because I didn't want a bunch of you worrying about me or jumping into "do something for her mode". I have enough quilts and blankets to last a lifetime already and even though I like cards, I think it is insane that a basic one costs $5 and up. Ha, maybe I'm just cheap. Many of our members are living on a single income or social security and still trying to quilt as a hobby, and we all know that's not cheap.

        Oh, one other thing, way back when, there was a member that contacted Blondie and more or less demanded that a circle of comfort quilt be sent to her when she was getting a divorce. Blondie is too nice, she sent her one. I guess maybe have a few people to decide who the recipients are going to be, as a group. That way it's not all on one person.

        I enjoyed doing the CoC quilts and I can't remember who all got the ones I made. I do know that Marilyn, Bob and Peggy Anne received quilts I made. One went to Newfoundland and another to England. There were so many more and I didn't always know who got one of mine.

        I think having a few made ahead is a good idea because sometimes it needs to be sent in a hurry.
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          If someone tells us of their health problem of themselves or husband, I think it is nice for those who can to make a quilt block and quilt. For someone like myself, I already have a ton of quilts and others may feel the same way. In that case perhaps just sending a card [ 50 cents at the Dollar Tree] or send a note of encouragement & draw a picture of your favorite quilt block. Just to be remembered can mean so much.


            I remember making blocks for special people here from my first year of participation in 2012. You can always say “ I’m in” or just scroll by. I didn’t do Circle of Concern quilts because I didn’t like making circles. But I thought it was a very nice idea. Terry did wonderful things with scraps, partially finished blocks and quilts for the Shriners. We did a cowboy quilt for a young special needs student as a congratulatory quilt for him overcoming his challenges and graduating HS. I remember that on because I was the finisher. I like the idea of making quilts for specific people based on their interests. It seems more personal. I have lots of generic quilts that could be sent to people if we decide to go that route. But someone needs to coordinate this effort and collect the quilts, and send them. And I won’t be the one doing that. If someone feels that calling, I say more power to them! And I will participate when I am able.


              As a recipient, in a round about way, I know just how much this meant to Jim when he got those quilts. I agree that maybe having several on hand would be nice. I know that the group I have at my old church we give quilts to those you have been ill/hospitalized. Those who were I’ll had been so for some time—not just normal illnesses. I don’t believe that there has been any complaints from anyone stating they should have gotten one.


                I also have plenty of quilts. I have to say sometimes well-wishes can be just as warming.
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                  Here are some “jobs” that folks could fill if we made this an ongoing project

                  Project coordinator — oversees the individual projects; sets up guidelines for specific projects ( size of block, color, special interest, dates and timing of the build and finishing, recruit special finishers, plan the final mailing). This person would also interview potential recipients to get ideas for personalizing as well as address for final mailing.

                  individual participation:
                  block makers
                  finishing the quilt top ( all blocks go to this person, who coordinates the design of the finished top and puts it together)
                  quilter ( hand or machine, but probably machine for a quick turn around)

                  fin8shed quilt goes back to project coordinator for delivery

                  The whole process takes 2-3 months to complete.

                  it is kind of a big deal! But worthwhile! How do you see this working? I see some sort of screening process as necessary to get it started. Do we do a general call ( as Monique has done more than once) for participation, or if we get a project coordinator, run the request through that person? It might just need to be more formal than it is now, or it could get out of hand.

                  what do you think?
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                    I am happy to participate when I can, but I don't know that this group can make a promise to make a quilt for all in need. I already participate in making quilts for several organizations and am in charge of another large charitable endeavor. Because of these local commitments, I would not be able to commit to another long term commitment.
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                      I can certainly appreciate the concerns voiced about who gets a comfort quilt. It seems to me that the 3 we have made recently were all in response to major surgery/treatment and not for chronic conditions. I don't think we can cover everyone....none of us is getting any younger and with age comes illness. We could be making quilts constantly. If I were ill I'd prefer cards and notes. I have more quilts than I know what to do with.

                      I don't mind whipping up a few blocks on short notice but don't want to participate in a highly organized, ongoing effort. The other thing to consider is the cost of it all. Stitching a block with a few scraps is one thing but when it comes time for assembly there's batting, backing and mailing a large parcel.

                      I vote for keeping things as-is. If someone identifies a situation where a comfort quilt would be appreciated, folks are free to pitch in or not.
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                        Thank you all for your thoughts/comments/suggestions. I think we will leave things as they are. Participate if and when you can as the need arises. Why fix something that isn't broken, right? Again, thank you all.
                        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


                          One other suggestion would be that when we are making a quilt for our self, we could make one extra block to have on hand. If we did find a coordinator, we could send that block randomly to him/her. The blocks could be totally finished as one memory block, sandwiched, quilted and bound and sent to the recipient (like a card) as a gesture of thoughtfulness. (As all have mentioned, we all have enough actual quilts) but a potholder sized block mght be a welcome comfort.
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                            Or how about a comfort pillow? Just a few blocks, back and front. That would be totally do-able, on a much smaller scale than a whole quilt.

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                            and you know, we could have a round robin list and when your name came up you would do the whole mug rug or pillow or pot holder and send it on saving a lot of back and forth on the mailing. We could just sign up on the list and when the need arose, you would be notified and could be a take or pass on the project. If you pass then next on the list would have the project.

                          I like the idea of a pillow or even a mug rung with a label from the forum.
                          Thanks Monique for bringing this to our attention.
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                            This has been an interesting discussion, and I appreciate everyone's POV. Many folks here are very efficient with their sewing and crank out quilts like crazy. Sadly, I am not one of them. I have a long list of projects that I want to do, and I also do some for charity locally. I have participated in each of the recent gift quilts. I chose to participate because I feel as though I know the recipients as forum friends, and enjoyed making a block that was unique to their interests. I would be less inclined to participate for an anonymous stranger, but I would be happy to contribute to this cause financially to help with the costs of batting/backing/shipping, if someone wants to organize such a group.