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Taming Mount Scrapalotta

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    Mt Scrapalotta...😂! Would love to see a picture of that too, lol. Good for you for conquering it! So much work but so rewarding in the end.
    Rainy days are for quilting. Thank goodness I live in a rainforest! 😁


      20210429_204914.jpg our spoils of war round 1

      4 rounds to go but much shorter rounds oh and missing fat quarters lol

      And shockingly it looks like so little fabric all ironed and flat like that.


      • Hillbillyhike
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        Nicely done! It always looks so little for such great effort.

      I’m sew impressed with your purging the Mountain ❣️I’ve done periodic purging and while a job, you feel fabulous once done…..good for you and your mum 🧵🧵
      💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


        Things it did teach me though,

        1) Going to have a new scrap system. That green mesh basket and 3 more of its siblings will be going on a shelf over the ironing board so when we have fabric all nice still maybe needing a tiny bit of pressing, it gets sorted to 1 of 4 categories. That should at least hopefully in the midst of our crazy sew-a-thons keep scrap to baskets worth that can be cut down in a matter of an hour or two. (Might even invest in a die cutter after all this but will see)

        2) Yeah, definitely if anyone is faced with their own out of control scrap mountain. Pick your sizes in advance to limit yourself too and follow set sizes cuz we nearly for some really adorable fabrics broke said rule to save a 1" strip (we, ourselves have yet in our combined sewing years of around 80 years, sewn anything smaller than 2" for quilting)

        3) Stock up in advance on cutting wheels! We went through 3 blades to achieve that pile. And will need new blades starting tomorrow because they are duuuuullll.

        4) If you can get them, geeeeet the rulers/square templates, to the sizes you're cutting. It not only speeds the cutting up a lot but saves the mats too because you can cut any which way and not getting grooves in your poor mat because you cut over a hundred squares between the same 2 marks because your brain shut down on math.... such was my problem with the 10" squares. After the first 30 or so brain could only make ten out of 10's marks or 5's marks and couldn't conceive that 17 +10 was 27.

        5) Misery enjoys company so grab a friend or family member. Luckily I pretty much always have my mom to count on but if she was tied up with something while undergoing this I certainly would have grabbed another body. As it was in the morning waiting for her to arrive my supervisor and QC kitties were on the job. Spree the supervisor even picked some of the scraps for me to cut next.

        6) Coffee, energy drinks, wine, fancy water and definitely cookies!!! Stock up because breaks will be needed and best way to decide its time without any guilt is a bathroom run. Drink loads, and go often

        7) Keep bandaid on hand too. A few little nicks to the fingers which thankfully didn't ruin any fabric before discovered could have been bad. Oh and the usual accompanying first aid necessities, alcohol swabs or peroxide, neosporin because all that fabric dries out the skin and moisturized skin heals better and stops bleeding sooner than dry skin....

        8) Which number 7 brings up number 8, keep moisturizer on hand, hands will thank you and fabric will be easier to seperated and line up of you have a nice straight edge you're stacking pieces to before cutting.

        9) Breaks or calling for end of day of cutting is a great time to peruse scrappy quilt ideas, keeps the motivation going when you can think of all the great things you swear you will accomplish after all this work.

        And finally 10) Be tough on the fabric not yourself, I am fairly unabashedly a hoarder of fabric, I mean this was just my scraps and I've storage cube on top of storage cube of yardage and have purchased my fair share of entire bolts of fabric (to be fair the remains of those bolts are now sitting in the scraps all cut up) but yeah just picked up 14 yards soooo pretty unabashedly a hoarder when it comes to fabric. So mercilessly slice and dice the fabric not yourself 😊

        And a bit of a confession to make, I have not finished going through everything sewing related currently sitting in my guest room waiting to be organized back into the sewing room and I fear there might. Just might... who am I kidding there is definitely another storage cube or 2 of scraps hiding in there. If nothing else I know there's at least 4 ufo's in there 🤫


          I didn't have near the amount of scraps you do . I thought I had a lot. The first of the year I went through mine and cut most of them into 2.5 inch squares. I made 5 queen size scrappy quilts. It looks like a lot of work but actually this quilt is pretty fast. (chain piece while watching tv) I also used up all my scraps of batting .

          One of my greatest pleasures in life is shopping for fabric


            Congrats for taking down the elephant in the room. Slowly, you will get there. Your plan sounds solid and timelines reasonable, so YEAH RAH RAH - GO FOR IT. Good job.


            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Loved reading your original post about taming the mountain. Your tips are great too! I'll print them out for inspiration. I am trying to conquer my mess of a sewing space. We are trying to reorganize after a huge water disaster that left our condo
              un-livable a while back. I have started culling through my things and taking stuff to the local thrift shop. That's been very satisfying and motivating.
              I am tempted to buy plastic storage bins for the cabinets I use but should probably wait and see what I'll need. I do have some I can reuse.
              Anyway, congrats on a job well done! And I love that you could do this with your Mom.


                Oh no, I can't imagine going through a flood like that! Glad you're able to get in and try to salvage things from the wreckage. Aside from my scraps I'm a fairly organized person, I have bins for individual projects that I've started but are waiting to be finished, I even clip notes if they're not done yet because I'm missing something like zippers or buttons. So when I get ready to go to joanns I can just grab my little cards and well there's some of a list, I will totally buy more than that list but can't forget these things 😊.

                And then I have space for those things that I will start on later, so nothing has been worked on or cut out, but I keep fabric with patterns or block names depending on what project it is and 1 cube might have several yet to be started projects. And then I have my fun stashes which are, I dunno what I'm going to do with this yet but look at all the pretty fabric.

                And then of course my other crafting stuff like yarn for crochet, woodburning stuff, beads, candle making, paints ect split into their own respective cubes or drawers. And then all my books too 🥰.

                But scraps... I fail big time lol. And really the only reason guest room is filled once more with sewing stuff rather than sewing room is time constraints and an MS flare that set me back just as I had started the annual deep clean lol, and then as I recovered my mom was oh no I need new floors put down at my house and before it gets too hot (to where I can't help) and oh yeah heres some other projects around the house that need done.

                But yes I will once more reclaim my guest room, get everything back where it goes and tackle the scraps for once. Just a bit at time, it will NOT be done in a day or probably even a week lol.


                  And today the mighty mountain has been defeated 🤩. Time to head to the fabric store 🤣. Just kidding, I actually have a surprise quilt already planned out for my mom using the mountain of now neatly organized scraps. And not only was the claiming of the mountain inspiring for quilts, but also got me to rearrange and reorganize a few things in the craft room, shockingly enough part of that was ripping out shelves.

                  But with the shelves gone, I still have room for everything and the craft room is just that much brighter and roomier. Which has led to some more rearranging that I should be able to finish up tomorrow if I don't get to it tonight. But at long last my still working treadle machine will be out in the open and able to be both admired and used should I ever feel like doing some cobbling or millinery work 😉. Though DH does have some welding clothes in need of resizing and repair so I can spare my new machine the struggles of heavy canvas and leather.

                  And the GD will have her own little sewing/craft corner for her next visit. Certainly no end to scraps for her to play with there either lol.. welp, off to nap or finish cleaning. Might put up a picture once its all completed 😊


                  • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                    That is terrific. I find that I am inspired more when my area if free and clear -- my thoughts can wander any which way I can.

                    The best news is your GD will feel extra special having a dedicated space, and knowing you cared to make that for her.

                  Congratulations ‼️ Sew very happy for you….now you can create without guilt and the mountain 🧵
                  💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


                    I’m so proud of you! You did it!


                      Really awesome work. Personally don't have the strength to do this. I like more wheel of fortune free play and watch Netflix. Wish you will not stop there.


                        Originally posted by jjkaiser View Post
                        I think you need to put your credit card in lockdown till some of your stash gets reduced or next year you will be house hunting for a house with a bigger sewing room. Obv this job would be much easier if you do it once or twice a year. Good luck letting go.
                        Ha! Husband said he was going to freeze mine. 😜


                          My hubby has lots of fun with the guys at work, because he tells them that for any of those "dog house" moments we have, that its going to cost him in fabric. At first they would tease him yep a whole load of dresses for that mistake, or you better bring her home some flowers and for a few really big moments they've even offered to help him pick out some diamonds.

                          Hubby would just laugh, wife lives for jeans and t-shirts and if she wants a dress she'll just make it. Doesn't like getting flowers unless its the whole plant and would simply pawn any diamond I bring home to her, nope like always this is a "Okay have fun at Joanns sweety whatever you like" moment.

                          Now a few have said things like wow I bet a diamond would be cheaper then sending a wife no holds bar to a craft store, but nah always right around $50 or so UNLESS my granddaughter is involved. Her joy in picking out fabrics and previously giving her list of what I was going to make with them is too hard to resist lol, but I figure it makes up for those "diamond" moments in our relationship 🤣


                          • JavaJunky
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                            Yep. No flowers or diamonds for me either. If he's in the doghouse it's either something from MSQC, 123Stitch, or some true crime novels.

                            He wouldn't dare freeze my cards because he spends more than I do on those O Gauge trains.

                          • Namastarz
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                            Yep, my DH is an HO scale train collector too lol. And worse is supporting not one but 2 jeep wranglers one of which is fittingly called Lola, as in the song "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" which pretty soon is going to be a new engine lol.

                            I can't whole-heartedly complain about Lola though she's our baby as she was my grandfather's Jeep. My grandmother named her after her nickname for my grandfather because as she put it they were two peas in a pod as Lola the gramp and Lola the Jeep always wanted lots of things and got them 🤣.

                            About a year before my grandfather passed away I realized man I thought I did good in not being the typical marrying someone like my father, but darn if I didn't marry my grandfather's clone. The DH and him didn't get to meet a whole lot because of distance and DH's work but when they did meet up forget his natural grandchildren him and the DH were off together in their own little world.