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    Well, I'm not saving fabric for a something special. Exception is , I do buy some with a project in mind and just don't have time to get to it. One day I will. As for the "good dishes" I use them occasionally just because. Who knows what will happen to it when I leave this earth. Probably try to sell at an estate sale, and end up donating it.


    • Claire Hallman
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      I have been having fun buying from estate sales, thrift stores and "antique" stores. Your pretties will make someone happy one day even if it isn't your kids. I have been setting my dining room table and enjoying looking at it. We have even eaten there a few times lately, it feels special and fun.

    I have really enjoyed reading all the comments on this topic. It seems we all have a lot in common. My Grandmother saved gowns and underwear for the hospital and wore thin cotton nightgowns that were patched. My Mother made my Grandmother her “house dresses” of the same pattern in cotton. I have collected a huge amount of quilt fabric in the last 40 years. I bought it mostly for a specific quilt and have not made them yet. I’m still getting some of those quilts made every year and I don’t buy as much fabric anymore. My daughter enjoys making quilts now. She says she wants my stash when I’m gone. Hopefully I will have most of it made into quilts by that time. My children and grandchildren all love the quilts I make. I still have 2 family members I haven’t made a quilt for. My plan is to make them one before this year is over. I have a few that I have kept for myself but feel guilty about it.


    • JCY
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      I also have been enjoying these comments.

    • MSN
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      Do NOT feel guilty about keeping a quilt for yourself. You are deserving of it!