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    Accuquilt help

    I got an Accuquilt cutter for Christmas-just opened the package and I am a bit confused. It came with a 2 1/2 dye which it great. In reading the direction it says to have the straight of grain facing you which to me that would mean on a fat quarter you would have the 18" side facing you which would mean the strips are only 18" and not 22. However when watching the accuquilt video she put the fold line of a yard of fabric on the bottom line which to me would not be correct. Also in watching several videos they do not mention "straight of grain' being in a certain position. Can anyone explain this to me or have a good video to watch. Thank you.

    There are actually 2 "straight of grain" on fabric, crosswise and lengthwise. What you want to do is make sure they are straight on the die. If you get it off grain those little blocks will all have bias edges and will be he-double hockey sticks to sew

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      AT a class for accuquilt....if you ‘snap’ the fabric, you can tell which is length of grain or width of grain. I haven’t noticed much difference it makes on the cutter for the the smaller pieces. Haven’t used the strip die so can’t comment on that.

    I have one, I've used that die and made the quilt. I never worry about how I put the fabric on the die. Honestly I pay more attention to the layering. Make sure if it's used haevily to use the pik to clean the edges.