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Sewing Machine Idiosyncrasies

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    Sewing Machine Idiosyncrasies

    So...I’m still in the “getting to know you” phase with my new sewing machine, and this evening it started having a “symptom” that I was very familiar with from my old machine. While I’m FMQ, the thread would get tangled on the back, not really forming a bird’s nest, but enough to necessitate stoping and cutting the threads from the back. When this happened with my old machine, it was a symptom that it needed a tune-up.

    Here I am with not even a full quilt under my belt, thinking there’s no way my new machine could need a tune-up, is it possible I’ve been doing something wrong this whole time breaking my machine?

    Turns out, she just wanted a fresh needle, and was good to go the rest of the evening after the needle change. I’m pretty good about changing my needle frequently, and had only sewed for about 3hours on that needle, but it seems my machine is sensitive to a dull needle.

    What idiosyncrasies does your machine have?

    Well, my machines are perfect! Kidding. My old longarm only prefers one type of thread. Isn't happy if I don't use her for a while. I generally have to put in a new bobbin and if it has been raining outside.....well, best not to even start anything. The studio she is in is dry and clean but this has been a pattern. Poor baby.
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      Sometimes my machine will stop and cut the thread when I’m sewing. I’m sure this isn’t normal. To fix it I turn my machine off and back on so it resets itself. I guess some days she wants to be left alone.

      Glad your machine is sewing right again, Melissa. That was an easy fix.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        oh my, I can't imagine...I am so unmechanical that trouble shooting is an all day job. If TNT doesn't fix it I'm in a flux
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