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    Janome 550E

    I recently bought a Janome 550E Embroidery machine, and it does not read appliqué files. Am I missing something, or does this machine not do appliqué? Anyone else having issues?

    What do you want to do with the applique?

    What type of design are you working with?

    There are so many possible solutions. It would be helpful to have more information.


      Have you done any machine embroidery applique before or is this a first time you're trying it? Does the design show up on the screen? I'm not familiar with the screen on the 550e but one of my embroidery machines is the Janome 350e. For where you are placing fabric in the design the machine will first do an outline stitch then you place your applique fabric within that area, then the next step the machine will do a tack down stitch that stitches the fabric down.

      I'll be glad to answer questions if you give me a little more info on what your screen is showing.
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        Did you buy a design? Maybe the wrong file ext.?

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          I've had two Janome embroidery machines, and I used the Janome 500 in a two-day class. An applique file itself is just an embroidery file; it shouldn't make a difference to the machine whether you are using a "full fill" embroidery file or and applique file. You just have more work to do in between the steps in an applique file, as Cathy F described.

          Here are some of the things that could be going wrong:
          • Using the wrong embroidery format: Applique or not, you need to use a JEF format file (or JEF+ or JPX, which are more rare).
          • Huge design: How many stitches are in your applique file? What's your machine's limitation? You may have 25,000 stitch design and your machine may only be able to read 20,000 stitches.
          • Large capacity flash drive: Janome machines are REALLY picky about the size of the flash drive you are using. If you insert today's standard 32GB flash drive in your Janome, it won't be able to read it. The maximum size of your flash drive should be 2GB (although people have told me that a 4GB will work, it's just super slow).
          • Hoop Setting: You may have chosen a small hoop size when you're really using a large hoop. Janome machines do not "sense" what hoop size you've installed on the machine, so you have to make sure you tell it the right size. So, if your applique file is for a 5x6 design, and you've installed the 5x7 hoop—but you left your old 4x4 hoop setting on the screen from your last project—your machine won't stitch out the design.

          That's all I can think of tonight. Please let us know what your screen is saying; we'll be much better able to help you if we know what you're experiencing.
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            Sally K, we hope you come back! It's a common thing to ask a question on a new forum and then to forget to check for answers. But if you find your way back here, please let us know if you got your machine working!
            Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?