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Commission for Memorial Quilt

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    Commission for Memorial Quilt

    Hi!! My mom recently passed away and she has so many clothes that she cherished. I would like to honor her by transforming these into a quilt, and a really cool one at that. I am hoping to have a good amount of details and have it decent sized (maybe 5x6). I'd love for the maker to take their creative genius and run with it - no restrictions.

    Any and all negotiations for the making of this quilt need to be done through private message, as no buying/selling is allowed on the forum.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your mom and hope that someone will be able to help you save some memories.
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      I'm so sorry for your loss. It's hard to lose your mom. I couldn't deal with my mom's clothing. I saved a bunch of her pj's to make teddy bears for her great grands, but finally shipped them off to the salvation army. I just couldn't deal with it.

      I hope you find someone to take up your challenge.
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        I'm so very sorry for you, I couldn't use all the hand made shirts I made Bob, it was just to much as Katrina said. Just a word of caution, giving free reign may not be so wise. Make sure it's what YOU want, look through the albums here, these ladies are so creative, and you'll get some beautiful ideas as to what style you want. Do you have any experience in sewing, or quilting? Make sure you see pictures of what some one might suggest. I wish you well, again I'm very sorry, Kathryn
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          I sorry for your loss too. If I may suggest, instead of looking at an online forum, look at some sites that have prices so you get an idea what its going to cost you. Here is one example.

          Just type in Memory quilt service in google. Or go to a quilt shop in your local area and talk to the ladies that work there. Most times they know everyone and who might do this.

          Good luck!
          🌺 Lorie