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    Calling all Bag Makers

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to use a double pull zipper in a pouch. I made what I thought w as going to be a lovely make up/craft pouch yesterday, called "Persimmon Dumplilng Pouch" by Sew Sweetness Bags. All was going well until I put that danged double pull zipper in. when I was all finished and turned the bag out - that zipper was , for lack of a better word, backward. When the pulls were in the middle the bag was opened on either side, and when I moved the pulls to the ends - yep the bag was closed. I hope I'm explaining this clearly enough so that you get the picture. HELP!!!!

    That sounds very frustrating, Carol. I havenโ€™t ver used that kind of zipper. Surely someone here has who will be able to unravel this for you.

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      ! did one ages ago on a cushion, but I just don't remember doing Would it be hard to take out?
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        Sounds like the pulls are butts together instead of the tops. The ends of the zipper will have to be free to take the pulls off, well one off, and put it on the opposite end so the round tops of the zipper pulls meet in the middle.
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          It sounds as though the zipper pulls were put on backwards. The best way I can describe it is like a car with a front bumper and a rear bumper. The rounded end of the zipper pull has two openings for the zipper tape (where the zipper separates). Think of this as the car's front bumper. The flat end of the zipper pull has one opening (where the zipper is zipped). Think of this as the car's rear bumper.

          Now imagine two cars in a parking lot parked facing each other, with their front bumpers touching. That's what you want the two zipper pulls to look like. Instead, you have two cars that have backed into their parking spaces, and have their rear bumpers touching.

          I'm sorry to say that the only solution I know is to remove the zipper, orient the zipper pulls so that they are facing each other, then re-install the zipper. I feel your frustration.๐Ÿ˜ค The Persimmon Dumpling pouch is very cute, and it's worth the effort to re-do the zipper. Alternatively, you could permanently park one zipper pull at the side of the opening, and treat the bag as if it were a single-slide zipper.


            I have used the double pull ones in larger bags and totes. Have you seen these helpful tips?


            More tips


            I didn't watch all of the pouch video but I would use a single pull zipper for this size pouch.


              20200912_095656.jpg20200912_095722.jpg Thanks so much for all the comments, help and suggestions. This was a purchased zipper, not one that I put the tabs on myself. Obviously it was not intended to be used for bags as the zipper tabs were put on with the flat ends facing each other (rear of the car) - not the rounded ends (front of the car). This girl is not picking out that zipper and trying to turn those tabs....sooooooo it looks like one of those tabs will remain one end forever.

              I love making bags, but with this one, if something could go wrong it did!!! Almost caused me to lose my religion - in fact I think I did utter a few pirate words - LOL!!!
              Persimmon dumpling pouch 1.jpg
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              • Claire Hallman
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                It is really cute even if the zip isn't what you wanted.

              • Hillbillyhike
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                Pirate words, haha. Too funny! That bag is adorable!!! Even the lining is so nice! Great job Carol. Too bad about the zipper but at least it still functions. I wouldn't be taking it out either.

              • MSN
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                I think you have found a very reasonable solution, and have a very cute bag.

              OH my, how about putting a bow on the zipper end not to move and sew that to the bag?


                If the zipper was purchased with both slides attached and with the flat ends facing each other, it is a zipper intended for a garment. Those are usually sold as a "separating zipper." The intended use would be for a jacket where you want it to zip up to the neck, but also the ability to open a few inches at the bottom. For future bags, Carol (and you will make more, I'm sure, after a cooling-off period), make sure to purchase a "handbag zipper." They are the easiest to work with for bag making. This video helps explain why:



                • nativetexan
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                  He, he. i bought one of those jackets that zipped up or down. never could figure out how to get out of the thing without having to remove it over my head! never again.

                I always assemble my own, and you put one pull on the right way and the second the opposite. If you have the stomach to take it apart, you can easily flip one of them around, but it would be a pain in the butt.

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