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Excited! Alternative to craft fair

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    Excited! Alternative to craft fair

    I wanted to start doing craft fairs, got a good stockpile going then bam, Covid. All my orders on etsy stopped. I still have a lot of stock.

    I approached a small store here in our neighborhood and asked if I could sell small craft things there. I met with her this morning and she picked two most popular items I make. Bowl cozies and hidden pocket scrunchies. She's trying out 5 bowl cozies and I had only brought three scrunchies. Paid me on the spot.

    So I came home to make more so if it's successful I have a good variety for her to pick from. I have about 70 bowl cozies made but only like 10 scrunchies. That's mostly in part my 17 year old is always taking the ones she likes. I'm excited so had to share!! I love quilting but also love crafting little items!!

    I'll take pics once I get these done, I know a lot of people don't know what they are. I sew a 3" zipper into the scrunchie and you can wear it on your wrist or in your hair, empty or you can put chapstick, money or anything small. I've made Abby (my daughter) like 20 and she wears them both ways with her chapstick inside at all times.

    That is exciting! I hope you do well with that. I tried to put my girls dresses in a shop once. She liked everything and would take them, but didn't like my name. Hulamoon was too associated with Hawaii and she didn't want any Hawaiian anything in her shop. What a snob.
    🌺 Lorie


    • Momofmonsters5
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      Thanks crazy!! Very snobbish!! We're very diversified here. My bf is Hispanic and the store is in a predominate Hispanic area where we live on the outskirts of el paso. I'm usually the only white person in store in our imedite area, everyone treats me the same and will speak Spanish for me if I'm not understood. ...once you go further in El paso it's a military city so lots of diversity.

    • Hulamoon
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      We're diversified, and I'm sometimes the only white person too.She didn't want her shop to become a tourist store. Umm. You couldn't get more touristy than here. It's not Beverly Hills. Geesh lol

    • oldmanquilts
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      Aren't you in Hawaii? Before M* removed the locations under our info to the left of each post, we can't tell anymore. We have at least two ladies in the islands. I thought you were one.

      If you are, was her shop also in Hawaii? If it was, she must be a real piece.

    Hawaiian in her shop? You should have told her it is American made, he, he. Things turned out for the best, i think.


      There was a shop here who wanted my purses but did not want to pay me what I wanted, claimed they would have to charge a lot to make any money off them. I guess they thought I needed to underprice them so I didn't!!

      No rainbows!


      If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!


        I wish you loads of good luck with your new venture.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          How exciting! Good luck in this new venture. I am sure your items will be very popular. Bowl cozies are always one of my best sellers too. I did a 2 day artisan fair once and came home after the first day and had to make a bunch for the second day because I had sold out.
          Ginny B


            Congratulations! That is awesome you connected with the right person st the right time! Now I am dying to see one of your scrunchies! I didn't know you could even buy a 3-inch zipper.


              oh you can't buy a 3 inch zipper. I have a bunch of 7" that I cut down...securing first. Here's a couple..excuse the feathers on my pillow. I just bought invisible zippers too.
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