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Help! Searching for a specific mask pattern

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    Help! Searching for a specific mask pattern

    Me again! I'm unsuccessfully searching for a mask pattern, and hope someone can help me!

    A few weeks ago I went to the eye doctor. The receptionist had on a mask that had no ties or elastic. It attached to the arm of her glasses. It was nicely fitted. I work in a middle school, and think this would be a fantastic option, since we will have to wear masks. I asked where she got the mask/pattern, and she indicated that she found it online and tweaked it. I have searched and searched, typing in every word combination I could think of. I found this photo on Etsy, and this was very similar to the receptionists at my eye doctor, though the one I saw was more fitted. Has anyone come across a pattern like this one? I don't like how this one sags at the chin, and am not a sewer, so I don't know how to make adjustments or modifications. If you have seen anything like this, or have made one like this, would you share your pattern?

    Thank you!
    I promise not to buy any more fabric until I see something I really like. Or it's on sale. Or I think it might match something.

    This one is on Etsy too. with some tweaks it might look nicer. The loop looks better.
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      I thought of making myself some of those, but I am pretty sure it would knock my glasses completely out of whack. The ones I make don't go on your ears, and I am happy with them.

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        I wear progressive lenses so any adjustments up/down do mess with my brain/eye communication thingy! It took me forever to get used to pointing my nose where I wanted to look, and not just moving the eyes.

      This looks like where it came from. The Etsy seller probably designed the mask & is now selling them. Looks easy enough to sort of figure out how to make them yourself.


        I thought the idea of the masks was to stop, as much as possible, the spread of the virus when coughing and sneezing or whatever. Some of these masks wouldn't do that. Some of the regular masks I've made more or less fit the face from ear to ear.

        Just like the look of the CG mask
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