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    Add another item to "shortages"

    Well, we all know the shortages caused by good ole Covid. Hate to say it, but there's going to be a new one added to the list - fashion tape!
    Lucky me....I got a hair appointment. Thank goodness since I was looking a little like Phyllis Diller. Couldn't figure out how to deal with the mask and elastic, so I jerry-rigged one of mine by folding in the sides and used clear bandaids to hold it on. Then did a little search on-line. Japan has already come out with a stick on mask (not cheap), but check out this site to see how to make one for yourself or modify one you have:
    Not big on the look which was created by the toweling in the video, but she sites some research on the effectiveness of it.
    I modified the olson mask I prefer to wear by shortening the sides so I can share them. Fashion tape to arrive today!
    Olson stickon.jpg

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    The positive side of using the paper towels that she used, it's disposable - use once & toss. A cloth one for getting your hair cut would get wet (assuming your hair dresser washes or at least wets your hair prior to cutting). And since most of us don't get haircuts weekly (in my case it's been at least 8 months), no big waste to toss a paper one. I wouldn't even do the stitching she did, I would simply fold the creases, and then using painter's tape, tape down the creases (both the inside & outside), then apply the fashion tape to the inside., heck for a one time use, I'd skip the fashion tape altogether and like you, just tape the mask to my cheeks. I suspect, someone will come out with these paper/no loop mass produced masks soon so the salons will have them available for their customers.

    Edited: rethought, I have disposable masks... leave loops attached,, tape to my cheeks, all done! Ready for the hairdresser. Can slip loops off and back on as needed when she needs to work around the ears.
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      I read fashion tape and all I could think of was boobs. lol That's really clever. Can you use it more than once, stay sticky?
      🌺 Lorie


        I just hold my mask on my face with my hand so my beautician does not have to worry about getting the elastic loops wet. When she's done, I put the loops back in place and she cuts around it.

        But, that tape does sound great. Especially if your mask is constantly slipping.


          Looks like it could work, the boob tape works, but my friend is allergic to it, and suspect many are as well.
          I don't know if I would put tape on my face, as I might be like getting waxed, which I break out.

          I made a black mask with 1/8'' black elastic for my friends to wear at hairdresser. Its narrow enough not to get in the way, and since it's dark, any hair dye on it wont matter.

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