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Mask filter fabric*

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    Mask filter fabric*

    I ran across this product on Instagram this morning. I'm on there a lot lately because I follow several clothes pattern making companies and fabric shops.

    🌺 Lorie

    I have seen ads for this fabric, and I noticed that they do sell it M*. I have some propylene fabric which I have used as a 3rd layer in some of my personal masks. They do keep it stiffer, and I suppose any extra layer filters particles . The key with masks is not to touch after they are on your face, and to remove them properly, wash them. It doesn't matter how good a mask is, if you don't wash them, they wont offer protection.

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      Another product that can be used as a permanent filter in a mask is Creative Feet's Stick & Tear. It's an embroidery stabilizer whose adhesive is virtually permanent and whose filter properties are excellent.
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        I wonder about the effectiveness, or even the need for additional filtration if the mask doesn't fit tightly, or there are leaks around the edges.
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          There are two ways to consider masks. Some people wear masks to protect themselves. If that's your goal, you probably want your mask to fit tightly.

          Other people wear masks to protect other people. If that's your goal, wearing a mask keeps your air droplets inside your mask, preventing your breath from reaching other people even if it's not a perfectly tight fit. We talk, cough, and sneeze to the front, and cotton quilting material does a good job of keeping your own breath from spreading very far. One study showed that two layers of cotton quilting fabric slows down the droplets from a cough so much that they only travel 2-1/2" outside the mask.