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    Sewing machine oil

    My juki longarm and my regular sewing machine a Bernina both have to be oiled. Somewhere I read that sewing machine oil needs to be clear and with time it gets old. I am still using what came with both of the machines . The oil I am using has a slight gold color to it. I don't remember if it ever was completely clear, but now I am concerned and wonder if I should order some new. I have quite a bit of it left. Or does it even matter? Thanks for your ideas.

    I have heard that the oil needs to be clear, too. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I am curious to see what others say.


      Check with your Bernina dealer. My Bernina uses a different oil than my other machines.

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        That's typical of the Bernina profit model. I'll let my one Bernina rot in h... before I'll pay their exorbitant prices.

      • bubba
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        I've not had to buy any as it comes with the machine. I did check the price though, and it was not that bad.

      I still use my Singer oil on my Janome. looks good and works fine.


        Clear oil isn't necessarily a sign of good sewing machine oil. The coloration you see in some oil could be additives that cause drying and gumming up in sewing machine use. Or, it could be a dye that some use to identify their products, or make it easier to see during application. Problem is... we don't know. Sewing machine manufacturer branded oil isn't hard to come by but it's a horrible value. If you are doing several machines a week it doesn't make sense. Ask your local repair guy what he uses. It's not a mfr. brand! There are a lot of myths circulating around the sewing community, and oil is just one of them.

        You are looking for an oil that won't gum up over time, either naturally, or from heat. Sewing machines don't require high-load lubricants, but it must maintain it lubricity over long periods of use. I use Zoom spout "turbine" oil. Zoom does label a "sewing machine" oil,but it's the same at a higher cost. It's available at your local Ace Hardware, or online. Most on-line sewing machine parts outlets have SMO- one of which I see is Zoom.

        One can test the characteristics of an oil which makes it suitable for sewing machine use, but why bother?
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          I use regular bought at the store, I think singer and I have a Bernina. No issues.


            My Viking DSM is not supposed to be oiled. My Baby Lock Tiara II table LA requires regular oiling. I still have the original bottle of oil that came with the machine several yrs. ago. It's still clear & works fine.


              This is what I use:

              I do not like any of the oils that came with any of my machines. I was at a quilt show a while back and browsing around and a young man showed me this oil. It was only 5$. But it is so easy to use. Does not drip. I wound up buying another one to keep with my Featherweight.


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                Can you refill yours? I was also at a quilt show several years ago and bought one that looks similar to this that can be refilled.

              • Vonnie
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                I don't really know if it can be refilled. The first one I bought for my longarm several years ago is still quite full and it is still clear. I only bought another one to keep with my featherweight.

                I just looked at mine, it is refillable.
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              I have a Juki, though not a Bernina, and that Juki drinks oil by the gallon. OK, I exagerate. I bought the Juki used, so I never had the original oil. The instructions say that you MUST use their special oil, but they bottle it in 32 oz. bottles! So, based on a recommendation here on the forum, I started using Singer sewing machine oil. Eventually I switched to Zoom because I appreciated the dispenser. Both kept my Juki very, very happy.
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