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Praff Creative 2144 machine help

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    Praff Creative 2144 machine help


    I am new to the forums. I am looking to find a resource or two to help me use a Pfaff Creative 2144 sewing/embroidery machine. I acquired it from my elderly mother. I wanted to try out some embroidery. Well, since the machine is from around 2005 or so it appears there is little support for it. I called my local sewing shop that sells Pfaff and she said since the machine is as old as it she doesnt know much about it because it was before her store started selling the Pfaff's. She also indicated that Pfaff has been bought out and has had a machine revamp since this machine came out. She suggested I look for some groups out there in the wide world. So here it what I need. I need to find people who know how to use this machine that would be willing to give me some guidance. I have read a few things out there that makes me think I may not be able to get the machine up and running. But it there are people out there using it and have experience I would love to connect and learn a thing or two from you. I wanted to download an embroidery project from the internet. This machined runs with a card and doesn't have a USB. I saw there was a card with a USB adapter that might be available. I saw come comments about it not working with the current windows environment. I am not clear if I need to have certain software to add files to the machine. I am a little unclear about what I need to do and am looking for someone experienced and who has some expertice. Is there anyone out there that can help me or knows of any resources or groups that could help as well?

    Welcome to the forum Debora. We are glad to have you here.
    If you join the Facebook group, Pfaff 1471 - 7550, you will get all the answers to your questions and help with finding whatever you need to use your machine. It is a fantastic resource for older Pfaff machines.