I just had to show you..

I made a test run of dying yarn to night. I had some old cotton yarn that did not matter if I wasted it. I looked around and found some turmeric powder and I had some vinegar. I did not used my alum mordant because I have not yet bought a designated dye pot.
I threw it all in some cold water and put it on low and simmered it for maybe 5 min so it was all combined. Then I true in the cotton hank that I just winded. It turned yellow as expected. when it had simmered for maybe 10 min. I lifted it up and put it on a glas dish to cool. When cooled I began rinsing it. some bleeding but not much. After a couple of rinses I add my dish soap and it immediately turned red!!. I kept rinsing until all the soap was gone and ended up with the color you see in the picture. I love it ! So I put in some grey yarn (wool/acrylic blend. It turned green! It had no reaction to my dish soap.

I have been thinking on the soap. It is lemon scented so I think that is what reacted with the vinegar.

My proper yarn that I am gonna dye is coming at the end of next week. I am planning on using Alum mordant and Onion skin as pigment. I want a dark color.
I am so excited !