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    I have made the decision and made an appointment to pick up and get a one-one lesson on a BabyLock FlourishII I get it on Thursday and my daughter is coming along so she can also get the lesson.
    Now my question what "accessories" will be needed to go with. Favorite thread? What stabilizer do you find you use most often? Any tutorials you recommend? What are your favorite beginner projects?
    Thanks for all your help.
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    Beth aka Asta


      I know at this time that Sewing Machines Plus has the Flourish II. which inlcudes a starter pack of thread and stabilizers (easy $150 worth) for $1499.

      I'm new to this embroidery thing, but am developing some preferences in the stabilizer area. It depends a lot on what type projects you'll be doing, but I can get it down to 4-5 different types. The brand I like is Dime by Exquisite. The main reason? The packaging. The tubes it comes in is way handy. As far as the product itself, it works well but I'm also trying some Floriani. Good stuff too. There are several others out there, but not available in the sizes I require. I'd love to buy pre-cuts, but they are premium priced, and again not in the sizes I want.

      I'll probably end up with a medium cut-away, a fusible (or not) tearable- soft to medium, a water soluble, and a soluble topping. And maybe a couple others as it's called for.

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        When I got my machine it came with a wonderful sampler pack. Maybe your dealer has one or this one on Amazon has great reviews and a decent price too .
        🌺 Lorie


          Congratulations on your new purchase, Beth! Bernina recommends Mettler or Isacord; those are the only brands I have tried. What does BabyLock recommend for their machines? I definitely recommend the Kreative Kiwi website. They have very reasonably priced designs (many are free or $1), and they also have a lot of free YouTube tutorials. Those tutorials walked me through my first "in the hoop" projects.


            Here's the most important lesson I learned about embroidery—and I learned it too late. Rayon and polyester have different properties, and there are some projects where you ought not mix the two. Rayon is more fragile, but has a softer drape. It's particularly good for clothing as it flows with the cloth AND cloth itself wears out, so it doesn't matter that the rayon will, too. Polyester is more durable and stiffer than rayon. Both the color and the thread itself will last longer.

            I only learned this AFTER I was half way done with a huge Hoopsisters project. I had chosen thread strictly by color, with no consideration for rayon vs. polyester. The hours I put into that quilt, only to later learn that my rayon threads are going to wear out faster than my polyester threads! It's an expensive lesson to learn, both in terms of time and dollars.
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