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2012 Ginger Rose BOM - long shot

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    2012 Ginger Rose BOM - long shot

    I know this is a probably a long shot but...never hurts to ask! I am getting back to quilting after several years and found that I am missing a critical piece to a pattern.

    In 2012 I started the Ginger Rose BOM (photo of the project attached). I have all of the fabric to complete the entire project but I am missing the step 6 pattern pamphlet. I had also started the side project that was in that pamphlet and have all the fabric to complete that project as well. But because I no longer have the patterns I won't be able to complete either project.

    The only info on the pattern is that it is copyrighted by Nancy Murty, but there is no contact info I can find for her or for whoever published the pamphlet.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction so that I can get a copy of this missing step 6 pamphlet. Thanks!
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    See if you can get anything from Andover, the brand for this.
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      That is so pretty! That happened to me once where I was missing a page in an old pattern. I was able to find a quilt shop that hosted the BOM years ago and they had the pattern in their files and scanned and emailed me the page I was missing. It was so kind of them.. I found this link to a shop....perhaps you can email them and inquire about it..
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        OK, this may be a long shot, but I saw that Nancy Murty was from Bee Creative Studio, and they are on of the owners names is Nancy...could she be the same one? Here's the link:

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          Did you take this BOM with a friend? It's possible they have their pattern still. I'd start there.

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            The blocks look like they are common blocks...quilters cashe has many blocks.


              At the bottom of this page there are three contact links to Nancy

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