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    Have You Ever????

    I want to make a Tulip Quilt for my sister for her B-day in Sept. She loves flowers (Tulips are a FAV)

    I'd like to know if anyone has made either the MSQC "Totally Tulips" Quilt (89" x 90") quilt Jenny did a tutorial on OR have you made the Tulip/Flower quilt "Flower Power that Angela Walters made?
    IF you've made either one of the quilts (or possibly made both quilts) did you have any issues making it? Would you make it again?

    The size of the quilt will be for a Queen-Sized bed.

    I have the following Charm Packs :
    1. Kaffee Fassett's "Lipstick" for Free Spirit
    2. Flower Sacks by Me & My Sister Designs
    3. Madison "Five Karat Crystals by Jane Maday
    4. Sugar Sack II by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics

    I numbered the Charm Packs meaning no#1 is my fav and first choice,
    No#2 my second choice and so on.

    If you have any suggestions....I'd appreciate them.
    BTW....I don't like the light Green Angela used, so I am thinking about using another color....for the green Angela used.
    I really, really like no# 3, the "Five Karat Crystals, but not sure if that charm pack would look great as "flowers" however, I do like it.

    Thanks....would just like a few suggestions that's all.

    Here's Angela's Quilt Tutorial :

    Here's Jenny's Quilt Tutorial
    OIP Small US.jpg‚Äč
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    I have not made either one. I love the Kaffe Lipstick and have a LC and CP arriving any day and can't wait! I looked up the other lines and in my opinion the others look like 30's to me and I am not sure they would mix too well with the Kaffe. Coukd you fan them out next to each other and take a picture? Maybe if I saw them together they would look better than I think. I did not watch the videos so I don't really have the patterns in my head but I think I remember Jenny's tulip one and it is a cute one esp if your sister loves tulips. Sorry to not be more help.


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      jjkaiser.....I will take a photo later today. I use my iPhone for taking photos and the phone is being charged right now! I probably should have posted photos when I posted the question to all of you!
      ************************************************** *******************
      WOW...I think COVID-19 is starting to FINALLY get to me! When I read your comment it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what you meant with the letters LC & CP!!! ......I did a telemed doctors appointment the other day, and I think I shocked my doctor when she asked how the quarantine was (possbily) affecting me and I told her that I wasn't having too much trouble staying put for the most part. WOW...she was silent for a few seconds as though I was the first patient of hers to tell her that COVID-19 and the stay home restrictions weren't bothering me too much.....but if I can't figure out what LC and CP means....maybe I am getting a little bananas about being home most of the time!

      Anyway, will take photos later today....thanks for the suggestion. I curious to know what y'all think!

    I've never made either pattern....both are lovely patterns. I'm partial to the Sugar Shack fabric....I like picnic colors but all would be wonderful.. What a sweet gift for sister.. I love making quilts for my sisters..they all have a
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      Yes! I just made a table topper with the Tulip pattern. Really easy and fun, and you can start with any size square you like. As far as fabrics are concerned, I think anything goes, as long as you like it. On the Triple Play video ( ) they show two sizes of tulips; the large ones start with 5" charms, and the small ones start with 2.5" squares. On the video, Natalie's quilt has rows of daisies in between the tulip rows, and you can see how the tulips look without sashing. Misty's project shows how to make the tulips within a row of different heights. So that's a couple of options to think about. I started mine with 3" squares. You may want to fiddle a bit with the width of the stems, but mine are about 3/4" - started with 1-1/4" strips. Hope that helps.
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        Sally, I love your table runner.....Great job!