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THANK you MSQC for allowing us to PURCHASE 2 of the Daily Deal (when it comes to Charm Packs)

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    THANK you MSQC for allowing us to PURCHASE 2 of the Daily Deal (when it comes to Charm Packs)

    MSQC, THANKS for letting those of us who purchase the Daily Deal to now allow a purchaser to purchase 2 of the Daily Deal at the Daily Deal PRICE!!
    I ordered 05/10/20 two of the DD charm packs called "Madison 5 Karart Crystals by Jane Maday for Wilmington Prints!!! Awesome I thought!
    I recently found out that a close friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of April. She loves Blues/Yellows/Whites and thought this would be the perfect time to purchase the DD.... I also order a couple of rotary blades and a new ruler.

    I'm not thrilled with the shipping though and this is the first time I've said such a thing. I love Missouri Star Quilt Company.....I really do.
    I get it that we are in a Pandemic....but I think I could have driven the 633 miles to MSQC's front door an got the package faster, LOL!!! .

    All kidding aside....I've ordered from Amazon during the Pandemic, and I don't know about the rest of you that have a Prime Membership from Amazon, but this will be my last year (I've been a member since 2006 BTW). Amazon started slowing down shipments to me WAY before March 24-25th of this year (I believe this is when most of the states in the US started the quarantine within their state(s). I'm certainly not going to pay for the privilege of a Prime Membership that I have to wait for something such as medical supplies for longer than 2-4 yrs. Up until January of this year, I was getting orders from Amazon Prime within 24-48(maybe 72 at times) hours.....I don't know about the rest of you that order online but I truly believe that Amazon and their counterparts are going to raise prices like the dickens when this Pandemic starts wearing off to heights as we've never seen before.

    I really hope I'm wrong.

    MSQC.....I did notice that in January it took an awful long time 01/03/20 to 01/11/20 to order as well. I didn't complain then because I ordered on a FREE shipping day, my bad. (I never usually order on Free Shipping Days!) However I thought that was a little out of line too, but as I said, I blamed myself for that. I did try to call MSQC to have it the shipping expedited (I think I ordered this on a Fri-Sat night(??).) and was told that it had already been packed etc. and couldn't be changed.

    AS I've said before, I really enjoy MSQC. I have had two issues with shipping and it's been with these two orders, and the last order....I'll blame on the Pandemic on the last order. I just hope this doesn't become a future way of life for MSQC. I have ordered from you since 2010-2011.
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    I know for a fact, at least here in Canada, ALL delivery guarantees have been suspended for the time being. Canada Post usually only sees this volume of parcels at Christmas. Now they deliver parcels to the post offices on Sunday. I know it is frustrating waiting on parcels to arrive.
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      I'm a package tracker.... from Amazon, other M*, etc. I watched a package sit at JFK for a month. The company thought it was lost, because they couldn't get any other information about it and refunded the item. It showed up yesterday a month and a half later. Another package, sent UPS was lost by UPS's own admission to the company replaced that one (they insisted UPS send it 2 day). M* uses FedEx sure post, When it works it's fine, but watching a package make it to GA, to NC, back to KS before it hits the FL line is nuts!

      Once it leaves the shop, M* and other venders are at the mercy of the shipping companies. Hopefully, when everything is opened back up, things will get back to 'shipping normal'. lol, I'd prefer shipping better, but we can start at normal.
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        All my shipment from anywhere are delayed. I won't complain. Everyone has to order on line if they can't leave their house. I ordered things from Spoonflower at the beginning of May and I am still waiting for printing. My Sew Sampler box thru FQS was delivered to the next town over from me. I am sure it will go all the way back to the distributing center in St Louis and they will start all over again.


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          I saw the message from the CEO of Spoonflower, they've added more fabric printing machines and are increasing their production. I didn't realize they were NC based.

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          Before this happened I ordered from Canada, Japan, China and M*. M* took longer than Japan! I'm still waiting on the others. I'll have to say Amazon has been pretty great lately. Etsy has been shipping same day.

        So glad you brought this up! I didn't even notice they upped the DD so you could buy two. I would have bought more when I placed my order last week lol.


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          Just a heads up, it is not every daily deal that you can get 2. Usually it is charm packs.

        Originally posted by redcaboose1717 View Post
        I'm certainly not going to pay for the privilege of a Prime Membership that I have to wait for something such as medical supplies for longer than 2-4 yrs.
        ...... What??? You've waited longer than 2 YEARS for medical supply? That has got to be a typo.

        My son works for UPS. He tells me they're as busy as they are during the height of the Christmas season. Be patient and kind.


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          Opps....IT IS a typo!
          Thanks for noticing that.....It should have read 2-4 weeks!