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Microwave cozy using pellon heat and zap

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    Microwave cozy using pellon heat and zap

    First time making cozies and my first one is kinda puffy. Thanks to everyone who suggested Connecting Threads for 100% cotton thread. I also bought pellon heat and zap. Instructions on the bag suggested soaking it in hot water for 30 minutes, wringing it out, then drying it on low. So I did that. My first finished cozy seems puffy compared to all the YouTube videos showing how to make them. Is it just that heat and zap is fuller/fluffier?
    im making them for friends, not to sell so it’s ok they’re not “perfect”.

    It's probably fluffy due to the washing. After I wash a finished one they have more loft. Thought I'd throw this out since I make a lot of these. I use a serpentine stitch instead of a straight stitch on the final round to close and find I never miss a spot in closing the opening. I just find it easier.


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