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    Children's Masks

    I do the masks for free although many people do put a donation in the jar. This is the mask style I've been doing (I like it because it's adjustable around the face, one size pretty much fits all and has a wire for a more formed fit around the nose, no elastic, and is washable and has a filter pocket). People are now asking me if I do childrens sizes which I've been trying to avoid because I'm logged up with adult sizes and I'm not sure I want to get involved in having to have size inventories. Maybe once things slow down I will.

    But I'm wondering if anyone has been doing children's masks and what you have come up with as far as pattern sizing is concernted. For the adults I start out with 8" X 10" a squares, my tie length is 54 inches.

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    I made 4 masks for my grandsons. One is 4 years old and the other is not quite 2. I know 2 year olds do not need masks! It is more a matter of monkey see, monkey do. As a grandma, I could not leave out the younger boy. I made the more fitted mask shape and used elastic with beads to make more adjustable. My husband took the pattern and reduced it all by 12%. It fit both boys with a little room to grow.


      We went to the store tonight and masks are optional. For me I used 6x9 for a kid I would go half, I hope that helps.

      I know there are a lot of patterns..I used shabby fabrics free pattern. First time took less than 15 min. She really makes it easy.
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        I've made a few...cut fabrics at 5x7.5" with 6" elastics, Jenny's pattern. I use interfacing rather than doing a filter pocket.

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          I cut my kids ones 5x7 and used elastic cut to 5 inches. I made one for my 4 yo gd 4.5x6 because she has a pretty small face. Both sizes had 3 pleats and were just rectangle cuts, not the facial contours. After making my first 50 or so masks I suddenly had an aha moment. Instead of pinning the pleats in two places and attaching the elastic ends into the corners, which I found to be a big pain, it was much easier to cut a long piece of elastic (12 inches for adults) for ear pieces sewing a channel for the elastic to slide in and tying the elastic in a knot so they could be adjusted if too loose. This method really hugs the face nice. I did not do any masks with ties. But ok my aha moment--was not double pinning the pleats but instead folding them and securing at the ear sides with Wonder Clips. So much easier to mark and sew that way, just keep your Wonder Clips to the left when you are sewing the pleats down. I could kick myself for not figuring that out sooner.
          Edit: if you make channels for elastic you sew the channel first, fold in a little less than half inch, sew at the edge to make your channel. Next feed your string of elastic thru, I did this with a safety pin. Do NOT tie the knot in the elastic until after you sew the pleats. Tack down your pleats and last tie your knot in the eladtic.
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            I make the same design you do, however, my square starts at 7.5 x 10. I serge across the top and bottom, turn and press. Then I serge up both of the short sides, measure 1.5 over, drawing a line and fold the edge to that line. I use a 24" piece of elastic and love how easy and quick it is to sew! I also like the fit and comfort. I originally made them with the cloth ties, but did not like getting my hair caught in the ties so switched to the elastic.

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              I use a large loop of 3/8" elastic, I'm sure you could use smaller, but that's what I have. I sew the ends together, and then as I sew down the casings, I clip the elastic inside, and when sewing, make sure the elastic does not get caught in the stitches. Remember, elastic put the first loop over your head and pull it down to your neck area, adjust the fabric part, then put the other loop around the upper part of your head. You will be amazed!

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              I am going to try that 24" elastic loop. Thanks for the suggestion! Just took a walk and got talking to a neighbor, yes 6 feet away. She told me she had a mask with ear loops and when she removed it she thinks one of her hearing aids went flying. She did not notice it and was not able to find it so she had to order a new one, and they aren't cheap. She said the same thing happened to one of her friends. So I think I need to make one for her!

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              Thanks for the response bubba. I will try that. Running out of ribbon and didn't have and couldn't get narrow elastic but do have some 1 inch wide which may work. Gonna try to use what I have. Also tried your construction method and it goes much faster. Thanks for the tips.

            Originally posted by chelea View Post
            I've made a few...cut fabrics at 5x7.5" with 6" elastics, Jenny's pattern. I use interfacing rather than doing a filter pocket.
            Chelea I put woven interfacing into the pocket.
            Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


              I have made smaller versions of my pleated masks for grandkids. For adults I use 7 1/2 to 8"+ wide, so reg and large. For GKs I made 6" & 6 1/2 wide and it fit kids above 2. For little one I made it 5" wide. Yo these add side channels.

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                I used this pattern for my DGS (2-5 year old size) and it fit well on him. The elastic was cut at 7 inches, over lap one inch, and sew together for a 6 inch loop.