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short documentary on Paducah

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    short documentary on Paducah

    You'll love this:

    to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...

    Wow, had no idea Paducah was this BIG. Thanks
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      A couple years ago I was on a road trip with Dolores, and this was one of our destinations. We were not there during 'quilt week'.

      While the town, to me, did not appear to be a large town, I'm sure it is booming when the show is going on! The downtown area had a lot of vacant storefronts, but you could see they were used during the show for the different vendors. The area/town is very spread out. There is a downtown area, near the waterfront and quilt museum, then back by the highway, there is a business area.

      Between the two are lots of houses and the quilt shop. The quilt shop is very unassuming. From the outside, it was nothing like we thought it would be. But the inside....oh my! The building itself is a large metal building and when you step thru the doors, all you see is fabric, fabric, oh and more fabric! There are two entire walls of rulers, thread, patterns and notions...and they are big walls! It appears that there are a lot of people shopping, but after a bit, we realized that they were actually employees filling catalog/online orders! The fabrics are all arranged by designer and are in order by's actually quite amazing to see! There is another large room off to the side that has all their precuts and stock....and there is tons of it!

      We did go to the quilt museum, which was amazing! If you ever get the chance....GO!!! I think this was my favorite part of Paducah....Chongs was Dolores's!!

      Thanks for the video....I enjoyed it!


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        I really enjoyed this - thanks for sharing.



          I enjoyed this very much. It's been on my bucket list and I know that I will get there when this is over. God willing.

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            Suzanne...let me know when you will be there and I will try to meet you there. We live about five hours away. I would love to meet you!

          • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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            Bubby - absolutely. I would love to meet you there.

          I really enjoyed watching the video...such enthusiasm and so many gorgeous quilts. I have been to Paducah several times but never during quilt week because I don’t do crowds. The quilt museum is awesome and shopping is a dream. The last time I was at Hancock’s it took my breath away when I saw the Kaffe fabric selection. Nice people...good food...and quilts everywhere.
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            It amazes me you are 'only five hours away'! Dolores always teases me because I am only two minutes from Joanns, five minutes from Hobby Lobby, with another Hobby Lobby about eight minutes in the other direction. When I last went to Ohio, we drove to Nashville, then her sons down south, then Paducah, and Indiana. Everything is so close back there! I can drive five hours east and still be in Washington!

            They do have a fabulous Kaffe section! There is a shop here, well an hour from my house, that has, I think, every piece in his line always. It's Gossypium, in Issaquah if you are ever out this way.

          Several years ago, a co-worker and I had to be in Paducah for work during Quilt Week. The closest lodging we could find was in Murray, about an hour away. As we were leaving the motel, a charter bus was loading. They were German quilters headed for Paducah. I live about 4 hours away and hope to go back for the show some day.
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            I miss it this year as the spring show was canceled. The first time I went to Hancocks I had to go sit outside without purchasing anything. It was so overwhelming. Got my wits together and thought about what I wanted to look for. It is amazing there


              Okay Barb & Suzanne, let me know when you ladies are going. I'll be there too. What a great time we could have!! Gina


                Just now watched the video. Amazing! Thanks for sharing. So many beautiful quilts & talented quilters. I don't think we'll be able to attend any quilt shows like this as long as we're wearing masks & social distancing. It's sad so many events are being canceled.


                  This is on my bucket list as well. Thanks for posting the video. It looks amazing.