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I love my local sewing machine shop and need to tell someone.

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    I love my local sewing machine shop and need to tell someone.

    I bought my Juki locally about three years ago. It was a fine deal, and I really appreciated the classes. But I did not know how much I would grow to love this shop because of their customer service. Recently I broke a needle sewing metal onto a mask, and the needle jammed the bobbin. I could not get the bobbin case out. The shop was offering drop off repairs during the shelter in place, and I called to arrange a time. Instead, she walked me through the repair on the phone! I was so happy to keep my machine during this time. I asked her how her shop was doing and she said they were okay. They have sold some machines in this crisis. I can’t buy a machine often, but I resolved to get my quilting thread there when we are on the other side.

    It's great when a local business takes that "extra" effort to help people. I have always purchased things from private small "Mom/Pop" businesses. I used to get a lot of flack from few friends because I shopped at local privately owned shops from Sewing machine shops, to Hardware, to Grocery Stores. I don't mean to sound harsh here, but I absolutely refuse to do any shopping whatsoever at Walmart or another similar store in our area called "Meijer". I grocery shop at a local grocer 10 miles from my home. I try to buy most of my fabrics at MSQC but I have to admit that I do shop at Jo-Ann's when they have sales.

    That's great that you have a shop that has great customer service. The Sewing Machine Shop we have here where I live. I take classes there and purchase thread, etc. there.
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      A local dealer is worth their weight in gold. I have purchased seven machines from my dealer. He is a Bernina dealer. I have bought used machines and had the same great service as I have had on the last machine I purchased (a new Bernina 570, with the embroidery attachment.)

      I have moved away from my dealer, and I will probably mail my machines to him or make the four hour trip when I need service. He and all the people who work in the shop are fantastic.


        I bought my first Janome embroidery machine from my local shop. It was ordered brand new the box was unopened. We opened it at the shop and she walked me through the process. Took me through the threading and told me to read the book to get familiar with it. It was a very easy machine to understand. Took the machine home and set it up and stitched out a design that was so distorted. Called the shop they said bring it back so we can see. They looked at it and said something is wrong with this machine and sent it back. The owner of the shop packed up the store model and told me to take it home and use it till they sent another one. I didn't feel comfortable taking their machine in case something happened to it. The owner said that is not for you to worry about, take the machine your husband ordered this for your birthday/Christmas present and I don't want you not to have your gift.

        They have continued this same level of service to their customers for all the years I've been going there. I love this shop and spend a lot of time there.
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          FWIW it's OK to mention the shop's name so others know where to go for the "good service." Since the poster's location is no longer shown on the new forum, we have no idea where in the world posters may be talking about. Hint-hint, admin.
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