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A Statement from Missouri Star - 3/17/2020

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    Understandable. Your customers ( fans of Jenny ) are wishing everyone there good health and well being . Take care =)


      What a gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing. Our LQS is open limited hours now, but still open for business. Blessings to all the Doan family & all their workers. These are trying times for all of us.


        Well I’m off for a few weeks working part time at Ross Department Store they are also closing so I guess I’ll just have to stay at home and quilt. OH DARN!! But seriously pls stay safe, be aware of your surroundings and thank you for letting us know. God bless from your Ohana in Hawaii.


          Thank you Missouri Star family. Be safe. Be healthy.
          Life is short - Live everyday to the fullest


            In this time of uncertainty, we must take care of each other. And that can mean closing a beloved place, but we must remember this will end and hopefully we will all be here and enjoy getting back to regular "Programming".

            My hope is that this is cleared up by September for the Fall Forum Retreat. I am so looking forward to it.

            * * * EDIT * * *

            Please remember to check on your neighbors and relatives. Some are elderly and some have chronic illness that cause them fear and anxiety about going out and may be going without. And sometimes just knowing someone cares enough to call and say how are you and do you need anything can be a major positive experience.


              UPDATE as of 3/31/2020:

              Based on the latest guidance from the CDC, we've made the decision to extend the temporary closure of our shops in Hamilton. We know that one day--hopefully soon--there will be hustle and bustle back in Quilt Town, USA, and let us be the first to say that we cannot wait to welcome all of you to our magical little town. Until then, our online shop is still open at, and you can always find us here on Facebook. Take good care of yourself and of those around you.


                I think keeping the shops closed is a VERY smart idea. I'm sure none of us that love MSQC as we do want any harm to come to all the employees of Missouri Star or the Doan family!!!
                While COVID-19 is a HUGE inconvenience for all of us it's better to err on the side of caution.

                I really wanted to be able to go to Hamilton this fall....but it probably will be FALL of 2021 that I decided to go. I've planned and then had to re-think plans to go to MSQC several times, so while I really want to visit MSQC someday.....if I have to wait another year, so be it.
                Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

                "I miss the me I was when you were here"