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Hello my lovely ladies!!!

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    Hello my lovely ladies!!!

    I am back!! We are over the guilt and sorrow of putting our little girl down...and now we are awaiting her ashes so we can have a proper burial for her...the kids are really having us do that..but if it helps them with closure then we are ALL FOR IT!!

    So what has everyone been up to? I went to a class last Friday/ was fun. Learned machine embroidery techniques as well as how to make an Amy Butler bag...I'm waiting not so patiently for my new laptop to be delivered today...we have VBS this week....I have book club on friday night.....and next week is Scout camp...whew...

    Re: Hello my lovely ladies!!!

    DANG!! Life is never ending, no!?!? Sounds crazy-busy. Man, we are all there, for sure!

    I still feel bad about your dog.....Our family went through a tragic, dog related loss this week too. Our Dog didn't die though, we had to give her away.

    There are still tears about it. Anyway, Shell I am glad you are back. It has been a little (LOT) quiet on here with out you!

    Your classes sound awesome. It is so fun to learn something new. Any tricks you learned you wanna share with us??