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Happy sunday 11/14

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    Happy sunday 11/14

    I am up early and wanted to pop in and say hello!!

    We have been quite busy around here shuffling things around. Seth is moving to the basement and my sewing room is moving upstairs. (YAY!!!!!!!!)

    My sewing machine is half fixed. Jerry couldn't get the little threader up front (the last place the thread goes through before the needle) to fit back on. Me either. I am probably going to have to take it in to be repaired. But, I will see if I can rig something up for now.

    I shut down my website and am hoping to start a quilt ministry. I see those all over the place and I have quilts I can giveaway.

    I hope everyone is doing ok.

    How are you, Laura? We are up to 14 ornaments for the exchange. Did you make that many? What did the doc say. I'll try to go see if that got posted somewhere.

    I saw you are back MiddleSis! Welcome home!

    Blondie and Bridgette...thanks for understanding how hard it is for me to keep up with these threads and keeping in touch via email!

    Have a great day everyone!

    Re: Happy sunday 11/14

    Hi I am new to all this computer stuff, but want to learn have any help?


      Re: Happy sunday 11/14

      Good morning Hillbilly Girl!
      I just posted a Sunday hello and saw this one. Oops. Hope we don't confuse everyone.
      What a chore to get the rooms switched around. Eventually I would like to have my sewing "studio" in the spare bedroom but then I wouldn't be able to have overnight company. Hmmmm. Sounds good to me. LOL. I really want to be able to eventually be able to stop all the up and down the stairs business. Both Luscious and I are having knee issues. Don't know what we will do about the woodstove. I love my big old woodstove.

      Delores, I am not sure which type of help you are looking for? Quilting, getting around this forum, or both? Welcome to our little happy home - keep digging around here. You will catch on and learn a lot.

      Always blessed
      Sewing mends the soul.

      Do the math; count your blessings
      Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
      ~ Madeleine L'Engle


        Re: Happy sunday 11/14

        Good morning Hillbilly!

        I really enjoyed your website, but with a baby and another young person around I understand the time issue plus you want to enjoy those kiddos while they are at home.

        Its going to be a busy Sunday, so I'm off.

        Have a blessed day!


          Re: Happy sunday 11/14

          I can't believe it Sunday again!! Didn't we just have Sunday? Why is it the older you get the faster the days go by in a blur? Oh well, I intend to sew and have a great day. Love to all, enjoy your day of rest. Love, Jan
          Home, where each lives for the others and all live for God! ><(((((o>


            Re: Happy sunday 11/14

            Hey! Happy Sunday to all! Dolores, let us know what kind of help you need. Glad to have you with us.
            Blondie, I know all about knee pain! Got a knee replacement last year and life is better. Still need to have the other one done but not till I can't walk again.
            Jan, I like your idea about sewing. Think I'll work on DIL's table runner today.
            Hillbilly, sorry to hear you had to close down your blog but understand completely! I know I would get more done if I would get off this computer, enjoy it so much.
            Everyone have a blessed Sunday! Saundra

            May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door! God bless the USA!:icon_wave:


              Re: Happy sunday 11/14


              happy Sunday to all
              My Sunday here is nearly over because it is 05:51 pm here.
              My husband and my son are watching soccer and I'll work on my first quiltproject.

              I'am so exited to read all your threads, but I have to sew some fabrics

              I hope you all can enjoy your Sunday. We had a very beautiful day today.
              It was warm and we had 18 °C outside, so we took a walk and now it's dark and I can sew a little bit.

              cu all

              hugs and Happy quilting :icon_hug:

              Carmen ;) from Germany, Rentweinsdorf

              Check out my blog:


                Re: Happy sunday 11/14

                It is a gloomy foggy wet day here in Seattle, a great day for building a fire and stitchin' the day away! So, that is what I am going to do!
                Hillbilly, enjoy your new space! And bless you for starting the ministry!
                Delores, we will all be glad to help!
                Blondie- I really need to stay off this computer and get more done too!!

                I hope everyone has a blessed day!


                  Re: Happy sunday 11/14

                  Originally posted by bambine007 View Post
                  My Sunday here is nearly over because it is 05:51 pm here.
                  I'm a bit the same Carmen, being in Australia I get to the next day while most of these lovely ladies are having sweet dreams.

                  I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday.

                  "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain" Anonymous.


                    Re: Happy sunday 11/14

                    Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

                    I moved stuff around in my rom today to try to make more room for my sewing area. I'm gonna feel it tomorrow! I'm too old for this!! LOL well I think I'll take a nap before I make dinner.

                    Not to be a downer - but yuck tomorrow's Monday again!

                    Hey Bridgette - if you're out there - good luck with the adults tomorrow!