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    Let the research begin...

    I previously posted a similar topic in another forum, but I'm at it again. I will be upgrading to a newer machine soon and wanted to get your opinion on the following:

    When researching and test driving a potential new sewing machine, what features are you looking for? Is it the accessories, the decorative stitching, the automated features...etc? Or does the price drive your decision?

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Re: Let the research begin...

    I'm thinking we have had this question asked a few times now, perhaps someone with admin powers can dig out some of the posts and sticky them so people can read through the various related questions and answers on this topic.

    To answer your question Teresa, I like my Pfaff mostly because it has a built in even feed function and an easy to use needle threader plus a decent amount of space between the needle and arm (can fit in more quilt easily when machine quilting). I also use a lot of the decorative stitches but they would not be my prime consideration. A feature I do not have but would like is the newer stitch length regulator.

    PS Make sure you look for one with a needle down position, its surprising how many machines still don't have this even when they advertise as quilting machines, you will use this a lot.

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