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Quilt Shops In Laredo Tx

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    Quilt Shops In Laredo Tx

    Hi all, I am hoping that the Texans in the group can help me with question. I am going to be in Laredo for a weekend trip near the end of the month and need to know if there is a local quilt shop in the city. Living in Monterrey Mexico means there is not alot of quality cotton fabric here. So when we go to the states I SHOP and Pack lots.

    Thanks, Cheryl
    Hola from sunny Mexico, Cheryl:icon_wave:

    Re: Quilt Shops In Laredo Tx

    Hi Cheryl

    I live in the northern part of Texas so I'm not sure about shops in Laredo. I know there are some in San Antonio and Houston but that's out of your way. You might do a search for quilt shops in Laredo or maybe other nearby towns. Not sure of the names of any towns closer to Laredo. Hope you find somewhere to shop at!