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I need help from the Experts!!

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    I need help from the Experts!!

    My wonderful fiance wants to buy me a new sewing machine. I have used my grandmothers old singer since the beginning of my quilting addiction. I want to be able to do it all from start to finish and not send my quilts away before completion. Any Suggestions would be great! Thank you so much from the Gypsy in Vermont.

    Re: I need help from the Experts!!

    Brand of machine is something that is generally personal choice but a few things to look for in a machine are:
    Evenfeed or walking foot ability,
    A choice of feet attachments to serve your purposes, ie 1/4" foot, applique foot etc,
    Needle down position for pivoting while quilting,
    Needle threader.
    And probably most important if you want to do your own quilting is a large throat area on the machine. That is the distance between the needle and the main part of the machine, the wider this space is the easier it will be to manouvre a large quilt while machine quilting. Two that come to mind are Husqvarna Maxi Quilter and Pfaff Grand Quilter. Both of these also have specific machine quilting functions. I am not familiar with brands in the US but would think they are not a lot different from Australia.
    Other nice features are knee lift lever and automatic thread cutter.
    Plus while all you really need are straight stitch and zigzag/satin stitch, the fancy stitches are nice to use to dress things up a little.

    Hope this helps, sadly I've yet to find a machine that has all the features I like in one package.

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      Re: I need help from the Experts!!

      My first question...what kind of dealer is near you??

      I recommend buying something that can be worked on with a dealer within driving distance. After that, I have MY opinions..but then we all have our own on that route.

      I am looking at buying a Janome Horizon...the Ultimate quilting machine for MY tastes. Plus there is a nearby dealer.


        Re: I need help from the Experts!!

        I always read where you should ask other quilters what they like and don't like on their machines and what brands they have.
        Then go to a local dealer and try several out.
        Make sure they service your machine and if they offer classes to take them and they will be able to show you how all the bells and whistles work.
        I have a simple Brother from Walmart and used if for many years. I also have a Brother Sewing/Embroidery machine (haven't used the embroidery part yet) and like that one also. I love the needle threader - spent too much time trying to thread the other one.
        Good luck.
        I'd hang on to that fiance!


          Re: I need help from the Experts!!

          Well ...... I suggest you give him the thrill of buying you a fabulous sewing machine. One that can bring the two of you much pleasure in the future. You could show your appreciation by making him a handsome, cozy, quilt he can enjoy while he watches sports on t.v..


            Re: I need help from the Experts!!

            carol ann give a good point... make his quilt.. but you get to enjoy it too,
            all the best