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    Brother 1500

    Hello ladies,
    I have a Brother Nouvelle 1500 that is borrowed untl i can replace my quilting head on my mid arm frame. The machine is made for high speed machine quilting for straight stich but the feed dogs can be lowered in order to use for free motion and embroidery applications. SO i have modified the rails on my quilt frame to fit and am trying to use but the needle keeps breaking! ugh!! any ideas why this could be happening??
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    Re: Brother 1500

    The first thing that popped into my mind is the thread. Could it be the kind that while high speed sewing, that it is the type of thread (maybe it's too thick?), or the thread is pulling on the needle which is my experience means I've just had to rethread the needle from the very beginning of the threading the machine. Maybe I've missed a step or something. There is a little metal loopy thing right above my needle that I'm supposed to wind the thread around and depending on the thread, sometimes if I DO wind it around the little metal loop, it breaks the needle while high speed sewing. Other times, I thread it around there like I'm supposed to do and it's perfectly ok. Again, depending on the thread if I should slip the thread through there or not.
    Another time, I found out while re-threading that I missed an area at the top of the machine I should have wound the thread around and was winding the thread the wrong direction.
    Or, check your tension.
    I don't have a Brother 1500, but on the 2 machines I do have, that has been my experience.
    Hope something here helps. I know how frustrating this can be.


      Re: Brother 1500

      The last time I had problems with my thread breaking it was because I wasn't using a big enough needle (I was using a fine needle on a think canvas)

      Maybe a fresh needle might help
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